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say it ain't so - November 6

Looking at some of the other threads here, I see suppositories mentioned alot. I'm scheduled to have a c-section in february - and no one has mentioned this to me. Do you have to have suppositories!?!?! Gee's one more thing to give me anxiety about all of this!


middle age mum - November 6

I have been reading all these threads, is there a c-section epidemic going on? How do you already know this far in advance that you even NEED a c-section? The suppositories are to keep your stool soft so you can have a BM...but why don't women have their babies normal anymore? No offense, but when I had my babies one didn't know they were going to have a c-section until they were in labor usually. Well good luck.


-m - November 6

I didn't have to have suppossitories when I was in the hospital after my section. They gave me stool softener pills to swallow.


say it ain't so - November 6

Um...I asked a question - and you jumped all over me for having a c-section? What the hell is your problem? You have no idea what kind of health problems are REQUIRING me to have a c-section. That was just rude. Thanks for the totally unnecessary guilt trip.


djh - November 6

Hey say it isn't so...the stool softeners help to keep moisture in the stool, so when you have your first bowel movement it won't be so difficult or painful. The pain meds you will need after surgery and the surgery itself can cause constipation post-op. Drink lot's of water, see if you can eat fiberOne cereal when you get home (it helps, but watch for gas at first which can be VERY painful). I didn't use the suppositories, but I did take an oral stool be honest it didn't help as I was in labor for so long, and didn't eat for days so there was no food to poop until I had been home a week or so. Just don't worry, they say you have to move your bowels before you go home, but I just fibbed and said I did (I know...) and then when I got home I took Fibercon at night before bed and ate lots of veggies and roughage. The first BM DID HURT LIKE crazy...come to think of it, everything hurt like crazy, but it all gets better eventually. Good luck to you.


middle age mum - November 6

Sorry, I didn't mean it like that...but it came out that way to be sure. I am just amazed at the difference in only 10 years that's all. Sorry to add to your pressure m'love. Good luck.


jena - November 6

I haven't heard that you need them - some people like to use enemas before birth to clear themselves out but it's rarely required. Don't feel guilty that you need a C - I need one too because I have breech twins and I hate the thought. But you aren't choosing - it's probably best for your baby, which is what is important. Good luck!



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