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jenn95 - January 24

i might (most probably) be having a c-section for my twins in about a month and i am really nervous about the recovery. i read the threads about the process of a c-section and now at least i understand that, but from what i understand the recovery is terrible and painful and i'm so freaked out! i read that thread about puss and blood and gross stuff leaking out and OMG i will faint if that happens to me. please give me some encouraging stories. thanks!


sahmof3 - January 24

I never had any of that happen to me as far as fluid pouring out of the incision. I did have some ooze (when I would take the incision cover off I noticed it), but it wasn't too bad. Also, staying on top of your pain meds helps a lot. With my first the spinal hadn't fully worn off and I declined meds when offered and that was a mistake, because instead of just keeping the pain at bay, I actually had to get rid of it first and then keep it at bay. So, if you even feel a little pain, even if it's not that bad, you may want to take something before it has the chance to get worse. Anyway, good luck with your twins!


Nerdy Girl - January 24

If you have help (hubby or parents), your recovery will be fine. I think the tougher C recoveries are for the 2nd, 3rd, etc babies because you have more responsibilities at home. Is this your first baby (sorry, BABIES)? My first C was a piece of cake. My 2nd was my tough one. I am one of those incision popping open people, so I won't go into that to avoid scaring you. My first C was very smooth and uncomplicated. Good luck!


Nerdy Girl - January 24

And to put things in perspective if you are nervous about the C, you have to remind yourself that things also go wrong with v____al births too. Heck, there is someone on this forum who posted about having to have their a__s surgically reconstructed after v____al birth! (I personally would choose the C over a___l reconstruction, but that's just me). But to put it even more into perspective, think about how many millions of healthy babies are born into this world with uncomplicated deliveries. The odds are extremely high that will be the case for you - your babies will be born healthy and you will get through this birth just fine. It's best just to try to relax because if you think about all the things that CAN go wrong, you will drive yourself crazy.


Kara H. - January 27

If I had to choose between stiches from my v____a to my a__s or st_tches in my crease above my bikini line - I'll take the bikini line st_tches, thank you very much. I didn't have any problems with recovery. My only problem, if you can call it that, was that I felt so great I kept over doing it. (like scrubbing my kitchen floor the day I got home from the hospital because my evil MIL was coming - 4 days post op). So I probably took the Rx ibuprofin longer than most people did since I would ach in the evening from all the running I did all day. I was grocery shopping at 5 days post op. I would recommend staying in your PJ's and having people dote on your for at least a week. Especially if its scheduled, have your family come clean your house while in the hospital so you don't feel like you have to do that stuff when you get home. Oh and don't let your hubby tell your MIL that you will feed them so you aren't grocery shopping and cooking before that week is up. You deserve to be waited on hand and foot for a while.


SuzieQ - January 28

lol - I read the blood and puss thread too! Yikes. I had a csection after 20 hours of labor (and four hours of pushing!) and it was totally fine! I was quite sore for a good week, but I've felt worse in the past. Make sure you have your house clean before this, try to have some help for the first few weeks because bending over may be painful, and make sure you have some really loose pants and maternity underwear. I would do it again with no qualms, so try not to worry too much! Congratulations and good luck :)


jenn95 - January 28

thanks girls. especially you kara! i hope my recovery will be easy like yours! i don't have too much help, that's my problem. my husband will help out alittle, but he's also busy with work and stuff so it will leave alot up to me. that's one of the reasons i'm so freaked out. i just have to much to do to be out of circulation for along time. and i already have 4 kids at home. maybe i'll be lucky and i'll be one of those quick recoverers! thanks and take care!


Christy1 - January 28

Jenn95, you will be fine. I had a c-section dec 20th. After a couple of days you will be moving around quite good. You definitely need someone to help you in the hospital though, but if your husband can't help you then your nurse will. Also, remember everyone recovers differently. For me the first couple of days were tough, but my sil thought hers was no big deal and she was up walking down the hallway the first night. I promise it's not that big of a deal. Good Luck and take your pain meds right on schedule. That was the one mistake I made. I skipped them one time and it took a while to catch back up with the pain.


Mingill - January 30

jenn95, recovery really isn't so bad, it's no picnic, but I don't have a horror story. You will experience discomforts, like the first time you try to laugh, sneeze or cough. But I was up and walking around the ward the day after my csection. A very slow walk, but it felt good to get out of bed. Getting up and down is a bit tricky, but you manage. I took all the pain meds I was offered after the surgury and I didn't have any problems. I could never bring myself to look at the incision, but DH and all the nurses marvelled at how nice it looked, and that it was healing so well. By day 4 when they removed the staples, it was pretty much healed, they still put steristrips on though. By the time I left the hospital (day 4) I was able to laugh, cough, sneeze (albeit, small and controlled) and very slowly get up or sit down. At my 6 weeks postpartum check-up, everything was getting back to normal. I do have some numbness along the incision, but that is normal. Also, itching as it heals and your hair grows back (if they shave you), that's the worst because you don't want to scratch, especially near the incision. I didn't have any infections or anything like that. Everyone heals differently, but I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck with your twins, how exciting, are they boys, girls, one of each, or do you know yet?


lovemy3 - January 30

Hello. I have had 3 sections and have recovered great after each one with out a problem. Went home at the 3 day mark on regular strength tylenol and was good. I'd say around the 2 week mark I felt really good, but regardless you need to take it easy for the 6 week time as you can do internal harm, so do rest. All and all they were fine and I am ttcing my 4th now. I also might add, I'm not in amazing shape or anything, I am overweight and still didn't have all kinds of issues. the one thing I do think made a difference is that my dr each time put in a drain when he did the surgery and took it out after 2 days. I healed amzing. Good luck and ask about the drain.


sahmof3 - January 30

Jenn... do you have anyone who can stay with you or come and help you out? It would be pretty hard to take it easy coming home to 4 older kids and newborn twins, but at the same time that makes it even more important to get your rest after surgery! I hope you can find some help, have a little downtime and have a speedy recovery :-)!!!!


jenn95 - January 30

i really appreciate your answers. i'm alittle less worried now to hear that there are women that do not have horror stories. i don't have anyone who will be here, but i think one of my friends will probably make us food for a few days, which will help, but pretty much i'm on my own. that's why i'm so freaked out to be bedridden. but you guys give me hope! thanks alot! take care everyone.


Kara H. - January 31

if your hubby will have a few days off after the birth, don;t waste them on the days you are in the hospital - you have nurses to help you there. Have him save his days for when you go home - that is when you can actually use him! Good luck!


ElizabethAnn - January 31

i was in labor for 33 hours! and pushed for almost 4 hours and my son just wouldnt come down, by that point i was begging for a c-section!! hehe, it all went very smoothly and it wasnt as scary as i thought it was gunna be, my doctor kept telling me everything was going great while it was happining, so it calmed my fears! When i got into recovery i was a little sore, and getting outta bed was a bit of an event, but it wasnt bad at all, i always took my pain meds every 6 hours on the dot when the nurse brought them , and i was out 2 days after!!! I think the worse pain i had was just having the staples pinch me! after the staples were taken out their was a little puss here and there on the teri strips, but thats all and doc said its V ERY normal. now almost 3 months later, im back to my old self and cant even remember any pain at all, id do it again in a heart beat!


apr - February 6

jenn-as far as I remember, we live in the same small county. Am I right? I havent had a c-section, but I have relatives and friends who did... they are great here. dont worry. unless I am wrong about us living in the same area


jenn95 - February 6

apr - you're in israel? that's where i am. i didn't know there were any others from here. nice to meet you.


Jenny2 - February 7

Hi Jenn95- also from israel. are from northern, southern or central? I just had a c-section last sunday and will be more than happy to share my hospital and recovery experience if you want, plus give doctor recommendations....



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