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vjr - April 20

I'm wondering how and when you start taking the pill again after you give birth, my doctor said they won't give me the pill until my 6wk check up but since i'm not going to br___t feed i'm wondering can they do that sooner? I've got 6 cousins (2 different aunts) that are all 9months apart, i got PG the 1st time i ovulated after getting off the pill so i'd like to make sure i don't end up PG again right away... HELP!


Shauna - April 20

No, they usually won' t give it to you earlier. Its to do with hormones and stuff. If anybody disagrees please say so but BC was discussed at the 6 week check. Most people don't get PG in that 6 weeks anyways. You could be the exception tho.


Been There - April 20

You're not supposed to have s_x for 6 weeks after the birth, which is why doctors feel comfortable waiting to give you birth control. I would say that you'll both just have to abstain as the doctor orders or have him cover up.


vjr - April 20

thanks ladies, i'm not sure we can wait, I believe with the planned c-section i won't have to worry about v____al trama, so I may feel ready before 6wks, guess he will have to cover up or pull out..


Shauna - April 20

I don't think you will want to have s_x til then. I had a really great cs and I was a good 2 months till I could have. A little birdie told me you prob. won't wait tho. Right?


vjr - April 20

yeah i doubt I'll wait... not good at that!! LOL. But i'm blessed to have an undertanding man so if we have to wait for intercourse he will just have to get creative!!


Chelle - April 20

My doctor gave my a prescription for birth control at my 2 week post check up. I just asked for it and she gave it to me early. I was b___stfeeding also so I got the "mini pill". It's a progesterone only pill that's safe to take while b___stfeeding. I had a csection also and had s_x at 5 weeks post. It did hurt a little. S_x wasn't comfortable again until about 8 weeks post, but everyone is different. I've heard from some people that had s_x just a few weeks after and did fine!


Saird - April 25

I was given BC after 2 weeks and I also had s_x after two weeks( after my 2nd c-section) and I felt fine. But everybody is different and every time is different. There is no way I could have s_x after my 1st until months later. I guess it just depends.


lovemy3 - April 26

The reason that drs tell you to wait for 6 weeks is for infection in the uterus area. If I were you I would try and wait. Healing on the outside may look done but on the insides it most definately takes longer. 2 reasons for waiting are infection and possible pregnancy. getting pregnant 1 month post c-section could prove to make a dangerous pregnancy. A friend of mine didn't wait and got an infection in the uterus and almost bled out. Hope this helps, good luck.



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