The Shakes After C Section

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Susan - November 20

Hi, I am going to have my 4th c-sec in feb. I am at the scared panicky stage now. I just need some reassurance. During my last 2 c-sections I got the terrible uncontrollable shakes during and after. My whole body just shook. Is this normal? What causes it? Thanks


L - November 20

it is caused from the moraphine in the epidural that is used to numb you from the waist down. I experienced the same thing with mine,they had me wrapped in hot blankets for a full hour until it eased up,not at all a nice feeling! Im trying for a VBAC so hopefully i dont have to go through all that again. Good luck with yours!


Carrie - November 30

I experienced uncontrollable shaking during and after 2 of my c-sections. I thought it was mostly nerves. Come to think of it I had morphine in the epidural for those 2 c-sections. I didn't have morphine for the 3rd c-section and did not experience shaking.


KM - December 12

I just had my first baby via a section and i experienced the same thing.I didn't find it bad, but also I was prepared for it because I had heard of it happening because of the medication.


Melissa - December 29

I have friends who told me that this happened to them after their c-sections (my doctor said that it's due to the release of horomones). I was prepared that it was going to happen to me when I had my c-section last May (my daughter was breech). I did not have the shakes at all after she was must be individual based on horomones, your body's response to the surgery, etc.


nickey - December 29

The shakes are normal, before and after. I had my second c section on 12/15/04. And like before, I shook this time as if someone had placed me in a freezer full of ice and water. I requested that the nurse wrap me in warm blankets.That usually calms things down. I don't know where the shakes come from. I presume since a c section is surgery your levels (blood pressure) drop and come back stable once you are out. Just ask for some warm blankets :)


Melinda - January 7

I had a c section almost 8 years ago and I remember shaking too!! I believe it's normal!! :)


Jodie Vagedes - January 28

Oh wow! Yes I had the shakes too. I had my c-section 10 days ago and I had already forgotten about the shakes so I guess that tells you that there not too bad you'll have other things on your mind besides the shakes and they don't last too awful long.


Char - February 4

I had a c-section on Feb. 1st 2005 just a few days ago so I remember everything quite clear. A little while after the epidural was placed I had the shakes pretty bad, and had them through the whole procedure. The doctors told me it is very common and I have also read that it is! I hope this is a little rea__surance for you! It deff. helps to hear some of that from people who actually went through it ya know. Good luck and Congrats! You can e-mail me at [email protected]



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