The Shaving Before C Section

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Aliya - May 13

hi how much of you do they shave for a c-section? if you do it yourself beforehand (if planned c-section), is that okay?


Jeanie - May 16

I shaved the morning before an unplanned c-section and was not shaved again... the incision is quite low so I would imagine you need to shave quite low!


JL - June 9

Just get a low bikini wax if the c-section is planned. I had an unplanned c, was shaved, and when that little stubble started growing back into the incision the next day.... OUCHIE ZOWIE!!!! At least with a bikini wax, your incision will be a little bit more healed before the hair comes back.


Kaz - June 10

I was advised to shave about an inch across the top of the area when I went in for the pre-op appointment. Went into labour next morning and went in to hospital, the midwife said they prefer to do it themselves and using clippers only.


Jbear - June 12

I can't even remember being shaved for my c-section. I was so miserable about so many things, I'm sure they did it and I forgot. I never felt hair growing back into my incision, because I don't have any feeling along the incision line, and in the lower part of my belly.


lilmum - June 15

I have been very worried about this. I had an emergency c-sec with my first son and they shaved me. I was so humiliated! It wasn't that they were shaving me, it was because while they did it the two nurses there with me were saying things like "this is much easier than shaving my husband" "oh mine just did mine last night" and acted like i wasn't even there. By that point i had had a long hard labour and had been awake for over 48hrs already, so when i had an epidural, i was POOPED. If i had been any more coherant, i would have reminded these ladies i was still present and not commonly shaved by other women, not to mention NOT interesting in their s_x lives at that moment. I asked the doctor about doing it myself this time, or atleast having my husband do it (not easy to do when you can't see what your doing). My doc said don't shave it at all. If it's too close to your c-sec, you may have microscopic wounds from the razor that could become infected, which on their own isn't a big deal, but open up your abdomen, and ouch. (when they do it themselves, it's in a sterile enviornment and is kept that way because your protecting the incision). He said if you do it earlier, even by 24hrs, you could be growing small stubble already which will become ingrown. He said having it waxed by a prof. is better because there is less irritation and if done three or four days before a planned c-sec is best. Although he stressed letting them do it, i think i'll take care of it myself if i end up with a planned c-sec.


Jbear - June 16

Have you ever tried waxing any part of your body? It hurts. I've never been brave enough to get waxed "down south".



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