Three Questions Please Help

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Karen S - May 18

1st queston is how long do you bleed for after a c-section? 2nd question is when can you have s_x? Third question is a little above my incision I can feel this bump and it's soar alot. I asked the nurses about it in the hospital and they said that sometimes whatever the side your doctor was on during the c-section, sometimes that can happen. Well it hurts every once in awhile and I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen or know what Im talking about.


Chelle - May 18

I bled for about 3 weeks after my c-section, but it's normal to bleed for up to 6 weeks. Doctors recommend to wait 6 weeks before having s_x because there's risk of infection. I waited 5 1/2 weeks and it hurt, kind of felt like the first time all over again. I'm not sure about the bump because that didn't happen to me. If it doesn't go away within a week and is still sore, I'm call you doc and let them know you still have it.


kcll - May 18

I'm a__suming you recently had a c/s. Everyone is different and every c/s is different. For my 1st I bled for two full weeks but for this one it was the full 6 weeks..however I started my period the last two weeks. They say you can't have s_x for 6 weeks but for both mine I had s_x as soon as I felt ready. I can't relate to having a bump but I do know that it is common. I was sore for about 2 weeks for both surgeries but not too bad. Its been 7 weeks since my last c/s and I don't even feel like I had one..if it's been more than 6 weeks since your c/s you probably should call your doc but I wouldn't really worry about it if it's just once in a while


Lovely - May 25

I'm not a doc, but the bump sounds like scar tissue to me. If it is, it will most likely go away in a few weeks-months. It's not uncommon for it to hurt, it's wounded tissue. If it gets bigger, more sore, more frequently, I'd see the doc, in case it's an infected... something, like a stich or something.


Rhonda - May 28

I had my c-section in march,I bled for 4wks.But in wk3 i had noticed a big knot on the right side of my scar.I was scared .I thought it was a insicional hernia.I went to my dr and it turned out to be a st_tch that did not dissolve,but by the time i went back for my 6wk checkup it was gone.And i had s_x to soon after my c-section but i was okay.And i know my scar is still really sensitive.



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