To Anyone Who Had A C Section

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gigi123 - February 15

Hi, I was wondering if I could ask moms who already had a C-section, when did you have your anesthesiology consult? I am scheduled to have mine almost 6 weeks before my due date, and thought this was very unusual!. With my first child (different doctor) my consult was only one week before the delivery. This time I am measuring 12 or so weeks ahead of dates, (yes you read right) and I know for certain that I am only 23 weeks along, and the baby is measuring correct for dates. All my labs apparently look fine, but at my last appointment my doctor wanted to "double check the gender, because she doesn't always believe what the radiologists report " I don't know the gender. I'm in Canada, and in my province, by law they are not allowed to disclose the gender. We also do not get monthly or frequent Ultrasounds, and do not have access to our medical records. So anyway, does anyone remember how far in advance their anesthesiology consult was? Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

thinking back on it Ithe only time i spoke with an anesthesiologist with all three of my csections was when i was either getting prep'd for surgery or was waiting in the OR area. i l have had 2 of my children in BC and 1 in Alberta.


Nerdy Girl - February 15

Ummm....anesthesiology consult? I never had one for either of my C-sections. But I am in the US, not Canada, so maybe it's done differently.


sahmof3 - February 15

I am in PA. in the USA. My surgical consult was over the phone about a week in advance of my c-section. They went over my medical history, any allergies, past problems with anesthesia, when to have the pre-surgical blood work done, when to quit eating/drinking, etc. The day of the surgery they basically repeated the whole procedure lol. - February 16

im in usa, and mine was right before he stuck the needle in my back! ( mine was kind of an emergency)


sahmof3 - February 16

Oh yeah.. lol My first was like that, too mrs. vegas. Forgot about that ;-) The next two were the week-in-advance phone consults.


PaigeMeagans mommy - February 16

I am also with some of the ladies. I never had a consult with the anesthesiolgist at all. Never met the person til right before I got my epidural


Rhiannon - February 16

I never had a consult either. What province are you in? I'm in ON and there was no problem finding out the s_x. My C section was unplanned but kind of expected. (twins)


gigi123 - February 17

Thanks for your feedback everyone! It sounds like for those who had a consult , they had it was done a week in advance. I have no idea why they would schedule it so far in advance this time. On my first US, the tech showed me the parts, but didn't tell me out loud what it was. It sure looked like boy parts to me... But at my last visit when the Dr. was double checking the gender, the genitals certainly looked different than when I first saw them a few weeks ago. Anyway, I hope they know what they are doing. It's very disempowering the way the system works sometimes. Oh, btw Rhiannon, I am in BC. Thanks again for responding.



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