To Vbac Or Not

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missy - December 28

i am very undecided about vbac. i had twins first & now a single birth. it is a hard decision. the baby is big & i'm not. does anyone have any insight for me?


jean - January 1

i have 3 kids my first was a viginal birth the second was cecerean the third was viginal go for a viginal birth if at all possiobul the recovery is a lot faster


Jennifer - January 20

I'm in the same boat. My first child was an emergency c-section due to stress during delivery. I'm 4 weeks away from my due date. Midwives indicate I'm a perfect candidate for VBAC. Dr. says elective repeat c is more convenient. My biggest fear is that I go all the way through labor again just to end up in repeat c, which is where I would have been anyway without labor and with more planning. I really don't want the recovery period that comes with c-section vs. the 1-2 weeks for v____al delivery.


Lori - January 22

Hi, I have my daughter 21 months ago by c-section because she turned breech at the last minute, and I am due in March and the doctors in my practice, all 6 are pushing c-section. They say your scar can rupture more likely these days than research years ago, and it can rupture even in the final pushing stage, and they can't save the baby. I really wanted a v____al birth, but I"m thinking of the baby and even though I hated having the c-section, I am doing what I guess is most safe for the baby. I miscarried my first pregnancy so I couldn't take it if I lost another child. I know it's a really hard decision, good luck, I know what you are faced with and my thoughts are with you. let me know what you decide. Take care


tiffani - January 23

If your only reason for having a c section with the first pregnancy is the fact you had twins, then I would go for the VBAC. Doctors are notoriously wrong at predicting the size of babies, so don't let that be a factor. Also, you can be 100lbs and deliver a 10lb baby, but keep in mind, smaller women tend to have smaller babies and vice versa. If you're not in your 3rd trimester, try and switch to a doctor who has a VBAC success rate of 75% or better. Good luck to you.


angie - January 29

I had wanted to try to v-bac at first because of the recovery period and less pain involved afterward, but now i am having second thoughts. My doctor's wife delivered her 2nd child by v-bac and he's insisting that I should, too, but I feel like he's pushing me to make this decision just because his wife had a successful v-bac. Not everyone's body is the same. So now i am torn.. and with a few days away to my EDD, I am so scared. I dont' want to go through what I did with my daugher. 18 hours of labor, and I didn't progress pa__sed 6 cm. Her heart rate finally dropped and they had to do an emergency c-sec. What if the same thing happens this time? I'd rather have the baby safely taken out through surgery, but my doctor is being stubborn. He says the recovery is worse the 2nd time and every time thereafter. What to do????


Lena - February 9

Angie, I say go for the VBAC! :-) Let us know how everything goes.


Erin - March 4

I have had 2 csections and am trying for a VBAC. Go for it!!!!


Ashley - March 6

Hi all I am due July 28 with my 3rd baby. The first was vag. the second was c-sec because she was breech. I ask first off at the first appointment about vbac and doc says to risky because of a rupture of the uterous. I am scared to go through the c-section again. When I wentr through it before I was going off on all the doctors thinking I was going to die. They all laughed at me the next day when they seen me walking the halls. :) but I was scared and I am sure I will be even more scared this time around.


chel - March 7

My doctor says there is no sense in taking the chance of rupture. He does not advise vbac unless the mother is adamant about it. I have had 2 c-sections. They are not that bad. The second one was even less painful than the first. I had no problems. I also did not have too long of a recovery.


karen - March 27

my first baby was born 11 months ago by c section. i am trying to decide whether to have a c section with my second baby, due in october. my dr. is leaving the choice up to me and says he will support me either way. although he encouraged me toward c section, i believe he would support me with a VBAC. he apologized more than once that i had to have a c section the first time---he tried all he could to avoid it. his points are that my chances of a successful VBAC are only 15%, and that he does not want to have to try to use suctioning the baby again. he also would hate to see me go through hours of labor only to end up with a c section, exhausted, etc. where my uncertainty comes in is figuring out what "group" i fall into. some women just have HUGE babies, and in their third trimesters they know they need a c section. however, my first baby was 8 lbs., 1 oz. but able to fit in my v____al ca___l fine. the issue was that his head was down but his body diagonal with his head turned wrongly and at the wrong angle. i was induced at 11 days past due date and progressed quickly until 8 cm. getting to 9 took FOREVER, and, finally, to get to 10 i got an epidural. we couldn't get him past zero station---he kept slipping back up. eventually, my baby's heart rate dropped, and off to emergency c section we went. i'd appreciate any advice and/or referrals to scientific studies, articles, etc. by the way, i have a friend who has 10 lb. babies by c section. the first time was after 40 hours of labor. the second was scheduled. she said the scheduled one was so much better, and that she felt healed up within a few days and had to remind herself to take it easy. her husband liked the aspect of being able to plan on a date, so he could be prepared and wrap his work before being off for 2 weeks with her.


[email protected] - May 19

i have 2kids my first baby is normal my secand baby iud full terum my3 baby was normal my 3 baby just 9 month but i m also pregnant ma geastion weaks 16 i m so worried about prgnancy ma little girl b___st feeding please tell me my b___st feeding is beast my little girl or rong please solve my problium


Mandi - May 29

I suggest not to even attempt a VBAC.I had a c ection in 2000.I just attepted a VBAC on april 29 2005. My Uterus ruptured at my previous scar.My son was born brain dead.After 17 days on a ventilator at the #3 best childrens hospital in the United Stated he died.There is so much you are not told about VBAC. Go to uterine rupture. com . The info there will shock you!! Don't take a chance on yours or your baby's life!!!


Jill - May 31

Something everyone should know: Your uterus can rupture even without a c-section scar, or anything else. It can rupture in your first pregnancy. It can rupture during any month, at any stage, and during labor. VBAC is not the only way your uterus is going to rupture. Don't down a VBAC if someone else wants to try for it. You should be supportive if she's willing to give it a try.


Karen - May 31

i've decided on a c-section. after conversations with a couple of my doctors, husband included, it became clear that i am in a category with only a 15% success rate. that's not a high enough of a percent for me to feel comfortable. i don't wanna go through all the regular labor, pushing, suctioning, etc. only to end up with surgery anyway and feeling rotten with a longer recovery period like i did the first time. my husband and i talked, prayed, researched, etc. and feel at peace with our decision. everyone has to do what is right for his/her family. you have only yourself, your baby's father, and your God to answer to about your family.


Elizabeth - June 1

I think it all depends on the reason for your first c-section. With my first, I was pre-eclampic and they induced labor. I pushed for 3 hours and my baby never dropped below zero station. That told my doctor my pelvis just wasn't wide engough (of course with my large b___t who would have guessed!) Anyway, she told me she was 95% sure I would have to have another. I am now pg and my new doctor is leaving it up to me, however, he said if it really was the size of my pelvis that caused the first c-section, than nothing has changed. Also, he said, VBAC doesn't guarrantee less pain. He recently had a VBAC patient that split all the way to her a__s and the pain was tremendous! I think no labor pains sounds pretty good after what I went through with my first, but I still worry about the effect on the baby. If your first c-section was due to a one time event like fetal distress due to the cord or breech, than by all means go for VBAC if that is your desire, but do not feel less of a mother for wanting a scheduled, non-laboress c-section. It makes sense to do what you are most comfortable with. For me, I am making reservations at my local hospital for a glorious 5 day stay, giving me time to heal and bond with my new baby before having to go home to my 3 year old. I like the idea of my scar being reopened, than getting new one down in my most precious parts! Two weeks of pain down there and 4 weeks of pain in my lower belly seems comparable. Good luck. Let me know what you decide! ps. My best friend just delivered VBAC and swears that's what I should do but I am only listening to myself and my dh.


Annica - June 30

My first baby was breech and hence I had a c-section. I am now faced with the same decision to vbac or not. I'm leaning toward another c-section as I coped really well and the recovery was not as difficult as I was prepared for. I was walking the halls 36hrs after delivery and then had no help at home. You should consider how you handled the c-section as I haven't heard any great stories about a natural birth anyway. Good luck!



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