Tramatic C Section

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kad - June 1

i am one of those people that found having a c-section very traumatic, but i think the reason i found it very hard was because i felt tricked into it, my labour started at about 7 pm on monday went to hospital at 6.30 am tuesday was told i was 4 cent dialated when the midwife broke my waters we saw baby had pooped but was not in any distress, i had to be monitered with an internal clip on babys head. at about 10.00am my labour started to slow down so they decided to put me on a drip to speed it up, now i was totally against this and i told the midwife that i read there was a chance it would distress my baby, to which she replied dont be silly thats very rare, she said i would be facing hours of labour and that wouldnt be good for baby, so anyway i agreed but from the first 5 mins the drip was in i was getting the most painful contractions that were so close together it felt like one long contraction, and yes u guessed it baby started going into distress heart rate dropped from 160 down to 60 and stayed there that was because the contractions didnt stop to give baby a chance to recover for next contraction, soooo then drip was turned off but contractions were still comeing hard and fast at this stage its about 11.25am nurse checked me again i was 8 cent but baby was getting more distressed with each pain, i was so angry at the midwife they had to remove her because i wouldent stop giving out to her and saying it was her fault for putting me on the drip!!! lol, at this stage docter said they couldent chance anymore drops in babys heart rate so i was made sign the consent form and was brought to theater i cant even mention how horrible that was i cry everytime i think about it. im not saying this to scare anyone im just telling how it happend and in fairness to the staff if i ever needed another section for any reason i would want them to preform it all except the midwife with the drip of course lol they were brilliant in reality. my baby girl was born beautiful and healthy at 11.55 am i spent 9 hours in recovery but baby was left with me because i said i would sue the hospital if they didnt give me my baby haha, just thinking back on it the staff must have thought i was a weirdo. anyhow i stayed in hospital for 8 days due to they way surgery was preformed they had to cut strait through me to get baby out as quickly as possible so i needed extra time to heal, then went home just to be taken back to hospital the next day due to infection in the st_tches even though i was brushed off by the doctor when i mentioned i was in a lot of pain even with the pain killers she said its normal to be in pain after a section, i could kill that doc lol when i went back in they did a scan and said i had a mass of infection under the skin and i was kept in for another 4 days. i had pain for 8 weeks after the section. BUT when i look into my little girls eyes i know she is worth every single agony and pain i feel and holding her is the only relief i feel from the pain( corny huh?) haha and for the conclusion i can honestly say it was the worst and best expeirience of my life and i would do it all again for my next child if it was my only choice ok il leave it there this is starting to look like a diary :)


Babycakes - June 1



Kel - June 1

GOsh, sorry to hear of your bad experience. I thought I had one - my c-section was planned but my spinal wore off after they took the baby out and I felt everything after that. Then I developed an infection in my uterus which slowed down my healing time. My tummy was really sore for about 6 - 7 weeks pp. At least we have our wonderful daughters which make it all worth it. however, It did question my intent to have another baby. Its too bad we have to have this horrible experiences!


snugglybugglys - June 1

Wow sorry for your bad experience of the c-section. My labor is similar to yours. My water broke at 5 am, went to the hospital, I was having irregular contractions though, so they gave me a pill to help it along. Helped a little but not much. So they put me on pitocin (sp?) Anyway, the pitocin did not do a thing for me. I was having horrible contractions that were very close together, almost feeling like one big long one, but was not dialating me at all. Well at 9:30 that night, the nurses shift changed and a new one came in. well the new nurse goes....well no wonder you aren't dialating this is an old bag of pitocin! GGRRRR! I was sooo p__sed! So anyway, the nurse that had just left opened the little valve for the IV almost as much as it could I had all this old pitocin running through. Well the new nurse changed the bag (without lowering the dose I was getting). That immediately put my body and my little girl into shock. Both our hear rates dropped very low. I had to get on my hands and knees and rock from side to side to try to help somehow...and also put oxygen over my face. So then the dr on call came in and said this baby is trying to tell us something. I was thinking....yeah that you guys are dumba__ses for not checking the freakin bag first! My c-section went well and recovery was great. They actually released me a day early.



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