Transvers Baby And Not Wanting A C Section

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Amanda-0203 - May 16

I have had 2 normal deliveries, and this time ( my third) The baby is sideways ( transvers) I have had ECV done and the baby is still favouring being sideways. I DO NOT want a C-Section, but if I go into labour and the baby is sideways still I will have to have one. What is the length of recovery time, and how painful is the insision anyways.?


Been There - May 16

Instead of 6 weeks, you get 8. But after 2 weeks, you should be pretty comfortable with getting around. The st_tches should be much better by then. It just depends on how you handle pain. And definitely take the pain killers the first couple of days. I was prescribed Percocet and only took one every 8 hours and, like a fool, tried walking around in pain. The day I left the hospital, I decided to take two. I felt no pain and was walking around like a woman who hadn't even been under the knife. Of course, that's probably because I was high as a kite. LOL! But you should just mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of the c-section. I wasn't prepared for it at all, but the baby was safe. So that's all that matters. Good luck.


kcll - May 16

If you do need a c/s being mentally prepared is the best advise I can first I wasn't and it was rough.. I got induced and planned to have my baby naturally but I wasn't dilating so I was given the choice to have a c/s..I didn't want to because I was so scared and didn't know what to prenatal cla__s I was told to prepare for a c/s just in case but I said "not me"..but I was wrong.. the epidural they gave me before the surgury made me sick and I was shaking pretty bad..recovery wasn't bad..I was up walking the next day...the pain wasn't completely over until two weeks but it was only if I stood too second c/s was alot better ... I got to skip all the painful contractions and nurses and doctors sticking there hand up me..the epidural made me sick again but I didn't shake at all and I stayed calm..the pain was completely gone within a week ..hope this helps



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