Tummy Tenderness Postpartum

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Kel - May 30

I am about 9 weeks postpartum from my c-section and my tummy is still a little tender to the touch. My incision itself isn't tender, it more of the area below my belly button, but above my incision. I'm guessing that it is my uterus, which I guess would make sense but I'm not sure. I was wondering if anyone else felt like this after their c-section, and if so how long did it last?? Its not painful to the point where I can wear my clothes or anything, its just a little tender. Also, if you started to work out after your c-section, did you feel a little pain return then as well? Thanks


Kel - May 30

opps, should say "where I can't wear my clothes (like my pants)"


Babycakes - May 30

kel, Hi, I had wanted to post this same Q here but saw u already beat me to it. I am experiencing the same thing 2, actually am 6wks plus post cs and still spotting and also have the sore area between my incision and belly b___ton. I find that whenever i wear jeans pants I have slightly heavier spotting. Do u still have any spotting? if not when did urs stop? Do u know if its normal to bleed post 6 wks??? I really am worried....I havent asked my doc about this yet...thanks.


melissa g. - May 31

I have / am experiencing the same thing!!!!! I am 3 and half months out, and have tenderness when i brush the skin in the exact same place -- not the incision but in the area between the incision and the belly b___ton. My OB said it was nerves in the skin re-knitting etc. She also said most people, it can take until about 6 months for them to be pain-free. I have been walking for weeks now, I would like to start ab work but I am scared!


Babycakes - May 31

ok. good, as long asit is normal. my doc gave me the go ahead for ab workout but am scared 2!! does anyone know about bleedingpast 6 wks?


K - May 31

I still have the tender spots 3 months post-partum. My doctor says it is normal and it will be that way for quite a while. My doctor told me I could exercise all I wanted, that I would not be hurting anything. I don't notice any worse pain when I exercise, even with ab work. I'm still not doing anything too intense though.


Kel - May 31

Babycakes, I actually bleed for about 7 - 7.5 weeks. Well, I guess I wasn't full on bleeding, it was more like spotting to me. When I went for my 6 week exam I was actually still spotting and the doctor didn't seem to concerned, he did make me get a blood test to make sure there wasn't part of the placenta left inside my tummy. That test was normal, so I just had to wait it out. I'm guessing it was probably my period because when I was bleeding post cs, there was a time period of a few days where I didn't bleed at all and I was like, cool its over. Then it started again so maybe it was my period. I will never know. But I'm glad I stopped bleeding. Glad also to hear everyone else is having this same tummy tenderness. I was getting worried. I have started exercising and I have felt just fine afterwards. Feels a little weird when I am doing cardio having this jiggly belly. The first time I was so nervous to do ab work but at my second cla__s (Jazzercise), I did the ab work but not too intense and I was just fine. My friend had a baby in Sept of last year by cs and she said her tummy is still a little sore.


Babycakes - June 1

Thanks Kel, I will just wait for the bleeding to stop. At my 6 wks apt, my doc said to wait another 2 wks and if it didnt stop to come back and c him. Just like u, its been really spotting not bleeding per se. My belly has flattened since baby and I havent even begun working out and my weight is steadily decreasing too. but i really need to exercise to feel good, even if i dont do any ab exercise, i'll be alright, just need to get my weight down so i'll most likely be on cardios only. I actually dont mind the soreness as long as its nothing dangerous, and it wont affect future pregs. This is my first preg and I plan on Vbac'ing the next one, but who knows??i am less worried now, thanks so very much.....


Kel - June 1

I've been working out and I'm not really in any pain at all now. I even worked up the courage do to the ab exercises in my cla__s, although I did them a little bit at a lower intensity that she was showing. I was nervous but today I'm feeling great and now pains so I must be working at an OK rate. I gained 50 pound with my pregnancy and lost 30 already, so I have 20 more to go (yikes!). I have a c-section due to my baby's breech position. I would love to have a normal birth next time around cause all my friends were feeling better in just a few days, as for me it took a good 6-7 weeks.



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