Type Of Panties After Cesarean

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Melissa - August 29

I am scheduled for a C section this Wednesady, and trying to pack my bag accordingly, however I am indecisive as to what type of underwear I will be able to wear afterwords. Any suggestions??


Narcissus - August 29

Most hospitals provide a one size fits all mesh panty. They were so comfortable and necessary, that I stole a bunch to wear once I got out of the hospital. You won't need your own panties. You will bleed through them and ruin them. Also, they will put too much pressure on the incision site.


What type of panties? - August 29

BIG ones!!!!! :)


Jbear - August 30

I couldn't wear the mesh panties the hospital provided...my b___t was just too big. I wore my maternity underwear, which had room for my sore, swollen tummy. If you do use your own underpants, you need to bring your own pads (long, overnight ones are the best) because the hospital ones don't have adhesive.


Narcissus - August 30

Hey JBear, my hospital pads had an adhesive.... They were the biggest pads on earth too. I had no idea I would need something so huge and that I would still bleed through them. They looked like depends undergarments. LMAO!! Oh, I posted to you the day b4 your scheduled c-section, to wish you well and such. I think you took the day off from the boards:)


Barb - August 30

I found that using not too loose or too tight wre just fine for me ....more like a lottle loose fitting breif.....it was comfortable and held my pads in place as well!...good luck at your c-section!


Second that - August 31

The hospital mesh panties were great. I did take some with me too :) No reason to ruin my nice underwear.


Jamie - August 31

I was given several pairs of the mesh panties...but if you don't want to wear those, I recommend buying a package of high-waisted granny panties that are a size larger than what you ordinarily wear.


chel - September 6

actually, I liked panties that had a bit of lycra to them. It seemed like my incision felt better if it was kind of pressed in. Take a few different kinds and see what works best.


Tiffany - September 17

The Bigger the Better.


Nicole - September 18

I agree with the hospital mesh panties. Nothing prepares you for the pain around your incision. The last thing you need is an elastic panty band putting extra pressure down there. Be careful though, if you have staples not to get the mesh panties caught on them. Yowzaaaa, that hurts!


Lynn B - September 27

Not sure if you'll still see this -- but I was advised to wear control top pantyhose, with the legs cut off. They esentially hold all your guts together. They're not 100% comfortable, but when you take them off to shower or pee, you WILL notice how much more comfortable you are with them on. Good luck!



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