Uninsured Cost Of C Section

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Jenn... - October 22

My baby is 4.5 months old. I had a c-section due to failure to progress. I was insured at the time and had to pay only $600. Well I gave up my job to be a stay at home mom and by doing so also gave up my benefits. Hubby is self employed. We are getting health insurance however maternity care is so expensive. Does anyone know what it cost for a c-section these days without insurance. I want to have another baby in about 18 months and I need to know what to start saving. THANKS!


djh - October 22

You might want to consider VBAC...it is about half the cost of a c-section. I believe c-sects cost about $4500-$6000 here in Portland WITHOUT complications and a 72 hour hospital stay. Really research what failure to progress means medically and see if the situation is likely to repeat itself. Good luck, I don't have insurance right now either while I am in Nursing school.


-m - October 23

I have insurance and just payed a copay but I saw the total amount that was billed to my insurace company for my c-section. It was about $6400, and that wasn't including the baby's care at the hospital. I had a 5 day hospital stay with epidual. I live in Northern Virginia.


sheree - October 23

OMG, i live in australia and it dosen't cost us anything, i feel so sorry that u have to save money to have a baby, but little johny howard is turning into a little goerge bush and i'd say we won't have free health cover for much longer ourself so i'm glad this is my last baby.


amy p - October 24

my total bills equalled about 12, 000 that was the surgery, stay in the hospital, and food and supplies...yeah its alot thank god for insurance DJH is right consider VBAC thats about 2-3, 000


edie - October 25

i'm not sure what state you are in but here in missouri we have state paid insurance, called mc+, here as long as you make less than $21,000 a year it's all paid. that's a house hold income with a family of 3 and one on the way.


amy p - October 25

yeah we have that too its called public aid (welfare)


Jenn... - October 28

I know how much it cost if you have insurance, I saw the bill when we had blake and the hospital charge the insurance company over 18 grand. However, I know that when you are paying for it yourself it doesn't cost the same as what they charge insurance... that is the cost I need to know. I do not want to VBAC and I do not qualify for a__sistance. Has anyone else had a scheduled c-section without insurance or government a__sistance, what did you pay?


Jennifer - October 28

Why don't you want a VBAC? It was fantastic and soooo much better than my c-section! It cost me $5,000 for everything and was much less expensive than my first c-section which was $10,000 or more. I paid for it all as we own out own business and the VBAC was nothing like my first labor! This time I had great pain relief, was done in 13 hours, had just a few st_tches no catheters, pain etc. I went home within one day and never looked back....much better. You should try it.


djh - October 28

oops, checked with friends with out insurance, a c-section here in Portland starts at $10-12,000 for an uninsured patient and goes up from there! How absurd, but I guess we should pay a high price for someone's expertise in cutting us open. A natural birth is what I quoted first post.


Shelene - October 31

Hello Jenn, I had an uninsured c-section last January. It cost me a total of $14,000 which included OR, Anesthesiology, Nursing, well-baby newborn nursery, my surgeon, surgical trays and supplies and my room and board for 3 days. My OB wanted me to stay one more day, but I needed to go, I did not expect it to be that much. I am pregnant again and due in four months...I am again paying for it and it will be a VBAC at a cost of $7,000. I would rather attempt v____al than pay that much for in my opinion an awful experience. If the c-section had been better than my first (v____al) birth I would have done it again, but it wasn't. Good luck.


My answer - November 6

My experience doesn't have anything to do with me giving birth, but is about medical bills and hospitals. My husband went into the hospital last May with heart problems. We have insurance, but the amount not covered was around $6,000. I filled out the paper work with the hospital to see if we could get some help with the bills (it is actually called Charity by the hospital). Apperently, public hospitals are required to give a certain amount of charity each year to qualify for state and federal aid in other areas. Long story short... we received a paper stating that the entire amount had been covered and we owed nothing. I cried the day the letter came because it was a huge weight off my shoulders. We make too much to qualify for any type of government aid, but we are still five people living on one income (I'm a stay at home Mom).


cheree11 - October 26




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