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Gavinsmom - January 22

After my c-section, will my uterus contract just like a normal va___al delivery would to shrink back down to size? If so, what does it feel like? Also, does it take longer for a c-sections moms milk to come in? Thanks for any input...I'm still learning! ;)


sahmof3 - January 22

Yes, it contracts to shrink back t size. If you b___stfeed you will probably notice that you get crampy when baby sucks. To me it felt like period cramps. My milk came in after 3 days (he was born Sat., milk came in Tuesday) after my oldest was born and after 2 days with my next two (they were both born on Thursdays, milk came in Saturday). Whether the first one taking so long was c-section related or not I don't know... that was my only c-section with a long, indued labor, and consequently an epidural... so all of that stress, plus the c-section may have affected it... I don't know!


SuzieQ - January 22

I think it varies with each woman. I didn't feel anything when my uterus went down in size. It took my milk almost a week to come in after my csection - it sucked because my dd lost over 1 lb in 3 days so I had to supplement feed her. After a week of that, I made her bf exclusively.


Mingill - January 22

Yes your uterus will contract like a normal delivery. I didn't feel anything, but I think it differs from woman to woman. If you did feel something, I've been told it sort of feels like cramps you get with your period. It took my milk 4 days to come in, but we pumped at the hospital in order to help things out. We supplemented DS with some formula, he was a larger baby so the ped thought he'd need more than just colostrum, but I wouldn't let him have a bottle (didn't want to confuse the little one) so we fed him out of a little cup. He lapped it up like a cat LOL. But normally it takes 2 -3 days for milk, so 4 isn't that far off.


Gavinsmom - January 22

Thanks for the answers! I'm sure period cramps will be nothing compared to the surgery pain I will have...lol! I'm hoping that I won't have to supplement w/ formula, but am prepared to if he is small like expected. I just really hope that he has no latching problems! *Fingers crossed*



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