V Bac After Two C Sections

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Saird - February 26

Has anyone had a v-bac after two c-sections? I thought I read that someone on here has and I'm just curious if anyone else considers this?


babygirls1st - February 27

My co-workers Sister had 1st & 2nd baby via c-section and a succesful VBAC for her 3rd.


Saird - February 28

Thanks for answering! Do you have any details for me?


Kelli - February 28

Hi Saird, I have to say, in the US it is getting harder and harder to have a VBAC after just one c-section, in my area two would be impossible. My doctor does not support the notion that VBACs are dangerous, but all it takes is one complication and lawsuit and the rest of us have to have repeat c's. Good luck.


Lynne - February 28

I agree, I don' t know if many physicians would go along with a vback after 2 sections. I don't know that I would want a physician who would anyway, not to sound critical or anything at all in any way. Also, I wonder if the scar tissue from previous surgeries would interfere in a vbac? Just a question that just popped in my mind. I hope you are able to give birth in which ever method you are most comfortable with and have a healthy pregnancy. -L


Mandy1984 - March 1

HI there, The main risk is uterine rupture, My doctor gave me loads of leaflets on it when I decided to try a vbac after having just 1 section, C/sections pose a risk of uterine rupture anyway but this increases by 4%after having a c/section (during labor if trying for norm delivery after c/s) After 2 sections the risk during labor only goes up to 6%, I have read through websites and the most c/s ever preformed on a lady is 13!!!!! so you shold talk wif ur doc and see wot he/she thinks


Mellyj - March 2

I had a successful vbac after 1 c/s. I know its not exactly the same but I think the basic fundamentals apply here. First and foremost, why did you have the sections? And what kind of incisions were made on the uterus? Alot of women a__sume because they have the horizontal bikini line incision on the abdomen thats the way the uterus was. The incisions can in fact be different. If you had a cla__sic or vertical incision on the uterus, prepare for another section. The risks are much higher for uterine ruptures with vertical incisions. If you are with a different dr than you were with c/sections, get copies of your records and op reports for this doctor to review. As long as your doctor is open to the possibility and you trust him/her, let them evaluate your records and tell you if you are a likely candidate. Whether you are or arent make the doctor explain his reasonings why to you. Be ready to compromise as your dr should do with you. With my second daughter my OB was trying to schedule my section for me right at my due date. I was 36 weeks when he told me I had to have another one. I refused to even let him schedule it. His thoughts were to do an u/s a week before I was due to see how big my daughter was, and if she appeared to be over 8 pounds we would proceed with section, no option of laboring. I refused. I told him an 8 pound baby is not e medically necessary reason for a section. With my first I had severe oligohydramnios and had emer. c/s at 37 weeks. had they let me go to term, she would have dies in utero first. THAT is a medical necessity. He was not even willing to let me have a trial of labor. Needless to say, I left that appointment with a copy of my records of first pregnancy and op and report, and records of current pregnancy. At 36 weeks, calling almost every doctor in my insurance provider book, I found a practice who was willing to review the records and go from there. They agreed to take over my case, and allow a trial of labor. Because my daughter was approaching 8 pounds ( in know, not big but first was only 6 even) I agreed to have induction 5 days "early" to shave off a few ounces furthering chance for success. Because of the vast differences in my girls' sizes, thats the reason they were a little concerned. that and the difference in baby positions. I also agreed to have internal monitoring because that can detect an impending rupture sooner than external monitors. so no walking around the hallways trying to get the baby out like some women lol. In the end it was worth it. There was a scare, but because of my daughter, not my body, where I almost ended up in OR. But induction and only 7 and a half hours of labor (surprising because this was like a first child for me given previous pregnancy results) I had my daughter weighing in at 7 pds 12 ozs, 21 inches long. It can be done if you are the right candidate. The important thing to remember is that no matter how much you may want the vbac, some women really shouldnt try because of their cases, not because doctors are so ignorant in what is possible nowadays. Stay open minded, open communication with your doctor, and work out a plan BEFORE the time comes. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give you details. I wish you the best of luck!



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