Vaginal Birth After A Section

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vix - March 2

i had a section in october (4 months ago) and at the moment i fear that i have accidently been caught again? if i have im worried that i will need to have another section. i had a va___al delivery with my first, and had the recent section as my baby needed surgery when she was born. i thought that the section was horrific, the pain afterwards was just crippling and i say with hand on heart, id rather give birth 10 times in one day than have another section!! has anyone been in my position?? please could someone tell me if they have had a normal delivery so soon after a section.


cheekyclaudes - March 12

If you are pregnant again it means that you will haven a second c-section just on a year after your first. I don't know of a doctor here in Australia that would be willing to let you deliver naturally so soon after a c-section, your uterus might not cope with the pressure.


Lauren R - April 5

I looked into alot of VBAC concerns as i am giving birth next month after my emergency c. I wanted so badly a v____al but the risk is few but so severe. Uterine rupture is a serious thing. Look into VBAC conserns befor you set on it. I'm going elective c section. Just safer.


maknyle - April 6

Vix, I am attempting a VBAC (hopefully any time now). I had an emergency C with my son, but that was 3 years ago this June. My doctor took that into consideration when we first discussed my desire for VBAC. I don't think that you are a good candidate for a VBAC because you just had a section. I am no doctor though, and a doctor would be the one that I would trust on this one. Good luck!


djh - April 6

Vix, good luck. I had 4 sections in exactly 4 years to the day. Went into hard labor with each one even though my scar was "very thin" and due to my miniature pelvis I was never giving birth v____ally. I am not saying there isn't the 1% risk of rupture, as there is...but there is a higher risk of rupture with Pitocin use during v____al deliveries. I think you need to discuss the pros and cons with your dr. and not let them "lead you" to the decision that is most protective of their b___t. If your doctor makes a really good, logical, specific case for you, then consider it, if not, question it. Women did VBACs for years just fine and only a very few ruptured (sadly). It is because of the lawsuits of those very few that people now practice "cover you b___t" medicine. Be wise, be safe, and be your own advocate. I know several people who VBAC'd and they wouldn't have done it any other way.


owensmom - April 6

Hi, everyone. I had a section in 2/06 and now am planning next preg. The section was unplanned but I was a failed induction- only got to a 4. But the cord was wrapped 3 times so ds wasn't attempting the birth ca___l. When do OB's offer VBAC and when do they not?


european_mom76 - July 25

How are you vix? I had a successfull VBAC at just 11 mnths after my c-section.As you,I had had also previous successfull v____al deliveries prior to my c-section. The doc told me that as my uterine wall was strong enough,the incision area healed very fine and with a couple of v____al successfull deliveries in my medical history, I was a very good candidate for a VBAC.She was right.



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