Vaginal Birth After C Section

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ann - April 22

7 years ago i had my son by c-section, i am ready to get pregnant again but woukd like to know if i can do it va___ally as my hubby is scared of me going through surgery.


JL - April 28

Talk to your doc about this. Inevitably the practice will have a position on VBAC vs repeat c-section. I am pregnant with #2, and had #1 via c-section. My doc told me that because my first baby was so big (10 lbs), I am not a candidate at all for a VBAC.


Penni - April 29

Check out this site.


Analisa - April 29

I had a C sec with my second baby, I got pregnat 1 1/2 years later and I tried to deliver VBAC, my uterus broke in the same place where my C section was performed. My little Adriana suffered a lot and she died 2 days later on march 16th. I know the odds are very rare, but try to get as much information as you can before deciding to get a VBAC. Best of luck.


Cindy - May 5

This question is for a___lisa, Now that you think back were there any signs of uteran rupture? I am thinking of doing a vbac after a cesarean and I am scared to death of uteran rupture but another surgery scares me too! I feel I was given a unnecessary c-section I am so mad that the doctors get away with this. Now I am faced with this huge decision because my birth was inconvenient for him! His decision affects the rest of my life! Anyway sorry for venting, just wanted to see if there was any signs, pain at the incision?? anything like that?


Bethany - May 8

MY daughter was a C section {she was facing bum down} two years later when I was pregnant again the Dr said I could try for a v____al delivery.. HE decided to come a month early AND he went bum down as well.. C section for him BUT yes.. at least MY dr said I could try to go v____al if I wanted :)


gufrie - May 10

I had an emergency C-section with my first and a very quick VBAC with my second baby 2,5 y. later. My OB was enthusiastic about my determination to go for a natural birth and I'm glad I did it. Both the baby and I did much better then after my C-section. So if there is no medical reason not to, try it. Good luck


Happy Mommy - May 10

I am thinking about trying to VBAC after 5 unnecessary c/s. First was due to position, that I now know what I could have done to turn her. (I was fully dialted) 2nd- Mid wife 'accidently' ruptured my membranes and I was only 6cm dialted, didn't progress as fast as they wanted me to, off to the Operating room for a 2nd c/s. 3rd c/s was a decision made out of fear. I was very depressed. During this c/s the surgeon said, You're uterus looks So good! I can't believe you have had 2 c/s". 4th c/s I was literally forced to have a c/s after my TOL got everyone nervous. I was dialting just fine, but the drs just could not stand that I was actually progressing. They yelled at me and told me I HAD to have a c/s and that I was trying to kill my baby. My 5th c/s was after laboring and dialting very well with a VERY supportive Dr. As a matter of fact the dr said "Your baby is in the birth ca___l and will be born very soon!" Within about 5 minutes of that, the HEAD Dr. came in VERY angry and told me I was having a c/s. All of a sudden I was prepped like the Thanksgiving turkey and rolled to the OR. What a night mare! Well, here I am again. I just found out I was pregnant. I know what many will say to me, but I wanted to write this mainly to support mothers that were wanting to VBAC. My uterus has gone through much labor WITHOUT rupturing. Remember that any decision you make out of fear is NO decision at all! I really do not know what I will do this time. I have already been in touch with people that know my history and will support me with whatever decision I make. I am so thankful for those people! The thing I know for SURE is that no matter what, this will be a beautiful birth, c/s or VBAC. I want to be surrounded by people I love and have a wonderful experience bringing my baby into the world!



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