Vaginal Birth Or Cesarean Section

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Lisa - April 1

Hello girls.This is my first baby and i would love to hear your opinion. What are the pros and cons of a cesarean and a va___al birth? i'm trying to make up my mind so i would apreciatte all the info...thanks!


Sarah - April 2

I've had two c-sections, one was after 23 hours of labour and 3 hours of pushing. Baby was just too big for me. I got a huge infection, probably from being in labour for so long.The next c-section was elective and went amazingly. It all depends on so many factors, what you should do. The healing time can be alot longer on a section though. It takes 9 months, it is said, for the muscles to heal again.


Jbear - April 3

I had an emergency c-section and felt cheated of the labor experience. My daughter was put in intensive care, because she had fluid in her lungs. I was told that a v____al delivery squeezes the fluid from the baby's lungs, and that it wasn't unusual for babies delivered by c-section to have fluid in their lungs. My recovery was also fairly painful. In my case, the c-section was necessary, and my next baby will have to be delivered by c-section, but I will always wish I had been able to have a normal delivery.


[email protected] - April 25

hi lisa. my name is melodie. i have delivered both ways, but i think if i have another child i'd opt for the c-section. feel free to email me for more info on my recoveries


girlie - April 29

my first baby was emergency c-section so this one (in my tummy) will have to be c-section too because the docs in this area do not perform v-bacs. anywho! given the choice GO VAGINAL! you would be crazy to put yourself through a MAJOR SURGERY for no reason! if your afraid of the pain, just get pain meds. you will be SO happy in the long run if you have a natural birth. shorter recovery time and less chance of life long complications. my stomach has been totally numb for the last 3 years!!!!


Cindy - May 4

Do not do a c-section unless you have to! I was induced and didn't know any better but this also increases your chance of c-section. I ended up with a fever so because of fear of infection I ended up with a c-section. The recovery was awful!!!!! Complications can happen up to a year afterwards and if you want another child you have to worry about uterine rupture. There is a reason we can delivery v____ally! That is the way it is suppose to be. I didn't leave the house for 7 weeks! A friend of mine just had her baby v____ally and she was out with friends after 3 weeks!!! She tore but not bad, she said it wasn't bad at all, the recovery I mean. Just do research on preparation, do NOT get induced and don't do the c!!!! It is no good, unless it is an emergency. There are risks of fetal and maternal death with a c-section also. I don't mean to be negative but it makes me mad when people think a c-section is easier than a v____al delivery. Especially for your first one, don't worry about the pain....that is what the epidural is for!!!


Maya - May 4

Have a v____al delivery unless there is a medical necessity that arises. That's all I got to say. I went through 2 c-sections and they were both very hard to recover from. (and still recovering from my last April 19, 2005)



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