Vaginal Pain After Cesarean

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Curious - February 7

Hello, I know this this is a crazy question but here goes...I had an uncomplicated c-section five weeks ago. I was told to wait six weeks before having s_x but I'm not bleeding anymore so I thought it would be okay. In the past week my husband and I have had s_x twice. I had va___al pain during. We tried to have s_x again a few days later but we stopped because I was still sore. What could this be caused from? It feels as though I had a va___al birth! Has anyone else experienced this?


Me too - February 9

I almost posted this same question! I am 3 mos post section and it's still painful. The only thing I can figure is that everything begins to contract & shrink after delivery (uterus, stomach muscles, etc). Had I had a v____al delivery that area would be stretched and need to go back to it's original size. My body doesn't know I didn't deliver v____ally and it's just tightening everything up, causing the discomfort. That's the best I can figure!


sh - March 5

I just had 2nd csection 9 months ago and also had pain after both. Would also like to know why this happens?


oh - March 5

In addition to the v____al pain, I'm also having pain in my pelvis/abdomen when he trusts deep. (Don't mean to be so graphic but it's true) This was never the case before the c-section. It's been two months since the c-section. Anyone else have this?


Mom of Boys - March 9

I had this same problem two and half years ago. Was stupid and didn't say anything to anyone about it. Tell your OB (like I should have right from the start). They gave me hormones because I was too dry and it was very painful. Cleared everything right up:)


KR - March 16

I'm also having the same issue! I was (am) surprised by it--I wasn't expecting it after a C-section. I just got the 6 week go-ahead from my Dr., but we had to stop due to pain/discomfort.


Kara W - March 17

I am having the same problem pain with s_x after a c-section and it had been 3 months I am having surgery in 2 weeks to see if it is scar tissue. You may want to ask your doctor about scar tissue


another one... - July 19

2 months ago c/s... same issue as oh. if anyone hears a definite answer, please post??


JL - August 3

I had the same problem after my c-section two and a half years ago. I am pregnant again and will be having another c-section in November, so hopefully it doesn't happen again. After the problem two years ago, my doc gave me v____al estrogen suppositories. They seemed to help a little bit, but not entirely. It just seemed to take some time to feel normal again. I can't recall how long exactly, but it was definitely several months before I could have intercourse without v____al pain. I'm not glad to hear that you are all having the same pain, but I am glad to hear I am not alone!


Jbear - August 4

Your hormone levels change a lot after pregnancy. It can cause v____al dryness. I've heard that if you're b___stfeeding the problem can last for a while. My husband and I used lube for a couple of months after my c-section, until my body seemed to be producing it's own.


another one... - August 8

don't think lube is my problem, we've been using lots, still have the pain though. I finally made a dr.s appt as now its been 2.5 months since the c-section. :( Will update if I hear any one is interested...


irosh - August 8

i'm havin the same's been 5 months now. using lub too,but it's very tight and pain ful.i feel a lump in side ..does anybody feel this way


Mady - August 17

still feel pain after 6mos, mainly during "thrust" it almost feels like not to be gross but feels like my organs have dropped lower



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