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Julie - November 22

my o.b. wants me to try for a va___al birth this go around(my last baby 4years ago was a c-section baby).I am VERY scared because i have heard of uterus rupturing during delivery.I really want to avoid it all and have a scheduled c-section. How often do they routinely do this? Also congrats to all March due dates as well as everybody else expecting.


To Julie - November 22

Just because your o.b. wants you to try for a v____al birth this go around you are under no obligation to do so. You can still elect for the c-section which you may end up having anyway if the VBAC is unsuccessful. A friend of mine had a scheduled c-section for her first baby because the baby was in the breech position. For her second baby her doctor wanted her to try for a VBAC so she went along with her doctor's wishes, trusting her experience and advice. Worst decision she ever made by listening to her doctor. The whole birth went wrong. She did not want an episiotomy but ended up getting one anyway because the baby's head was huge and a vacuum extractor had to be used as well to help the baby out. Her recovery was worse and longer with the v____al birth which her doctor wanted her to try than it was with her planned c-section for her first baby. Doctors do not always know what they are talking about. Her doctor knew afterwards that she should have had a c-section for her second baby and that she was wrong for asking her to try for a v____al birth. Her doctor apologized to her. My friend was sewn back up after the episiotomy but she has so much scar tissue down there that she is not the same anymore. Good luck and do not let your doctor force you into doing something that you are not comfortable with or that you do not want.


Jbear - November 22

My doctor wanted me to try a VBAC. I wouldn't even consider it. I already knew what a c-section was like and didn't want to try a v____al birth. As it turned out, when the doctor was checking me the day before the surgery, he said he thought I would have ended up with a c-section no matter what, because of my internal structure (this wasn't the same doc I had for my first pregnancy). I've read that the risk of uterine rupture is really low and I've seen posts from women desperate to have a VBAC, but I knew I didn't want it. I think if my doctor had really forced the issue I would have switched doctors.


Noelle - November 22

I had a VBAC at my doctor's urging and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!! The risk of uterine rupture is approximately 1% without the use of labor inducing drugs. I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT...so much easier for me than the c-section. Don't just listen to the nay-sayers, also listen to people like me who had all the same doubts, heard all the same "horror" stories (it's not like there aren't horror stories for elective C's too) and then gave it a good attempt. I had a much better birth experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amy p - November 22

the risk of rupute is low especially since you delievered 4 yrs ago..your body has had time to heal..however, it is more risky as someone else said to have induction drugs, so you may want to think it through just b/c i would hato to see you labor and then end up in a c anyway...why did you have the c the first time?


Am I crazy? - November 22

I am 2 days out from a VBAC and I am very pleased with my birth. I am sore, but not nearly as bad as with the c-section. I don't think it is a bad bad thing to labor and then "end up with a c anyway" so what, that's what I did with my first. EVERY WOMAN has the possibility of laboring and then ending up with a c anyways...so should we just ban v____al births? IF you don't have any medical reasons where your first situation should occur again, then its a great way to go. I also think it is very interesting that very few people object to doctors "forcing you into something" in regards to forced repeat c's. Do what you want, but my VBAC recovery is going so well I am typing this with a 2 day old baby, something I couldn't have done with a cesarean!


Marcie - November 23

julie,I have said many times about my two births,your 1st reply sounds very familiar to me,my 1st birth went wrong,it was a natural birth,and I felt so sore down there afterwards.I elected a c-section for the 2nd birth.I think with a planned section it is asier than an emergency,it makes sense,also you are prepared,this makes a huge difference.I thought the recovery was not too bad at all,what did you think?If you really want a c-section,stick with it.When the doctors realise how worried you are,they should honour your wishes.No doctor should want a patient to give birth when they are stressed about the procedure.


Cherie - November 24

Your all lucky to have the choice of a VBAC. My first (2yrs now) was a scheduled c-section as they estimated her to be 12 pounds! she only ended up being 8pounds. This time round I really want to expirence labour and a VB (although I might regret it later) but because I'm a diabetic my dr. won't let me go past 39 weeks (as I'm a diabetic) so I have about a 1in4 chance of going into labour in my 38th week and of course the dr won't drug induce you after a c-section due to the risks. I'm now almost 36 weeks and have been looking into natural induction methods but I don't like my chances seen as the baby decides when to come. So your all lucky to have the choice. For those who what the choice can't always get it. I did find though that the thought of a VB with my second doesn't seem as scary as it did the first time round, maybe as it gets closer you'll feel the same


Julie - November 29

Thanks to all of you for your responses.I can definately see advantages to both. I was gestational diabetic last time too.I go to my doc today so I will be sure to discuss it more.



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