Wanting More Children

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ertel1978 - October 30

My husband and I have two beautiful children and would love to have more. However, I am scared of undergoing another c-section. I look at my kids and think I'm so lucky to have them here...they're healthy and happy and I'm healthy...should I risk another surgery or just be thankful for what I have and leave it at that? I am a healthy 29 year old and had no complications with my last two c-sections. I have a wonderful doctor who doesn't see any reason that I couldn't try to have more children. I'm just so fearful of something going wrong during surgery and leaving my children without a mother. Am I just being silly and worrying too much? Would you let this fear stop you from trying to have more children?


ShoppingForTwo - October 30

Hey Ertel1978, if yor doctor isn't worried then I would think your ok. Would it make you feel better if you got a second opinion from another doctor? Personally, no I wouldn't let 2 c sections stop me. I will be having my second c section in June 2008 and I plan on having hopefully 4 more after that. If of course I have no complications and if I heal as well as I did the first time around. The more you have the more they monitor you. I'm sure on my 4 or so c section they will check for excess scar tissue and what not. I'm only 21 so I will space my children out according to what's the most safe. Good luck and I'd say go for it.


sahmof3 - October 31

It seems like you are a good candidate for having another c-section baby. I've had 3 c-sections and everything went just fine. My first was hard on me, because it was an emergency c-section after a long labor, but I healed equally well with #s 2 and 3.


sahmof3 - October 31

Just realized that didn't make sense. I made it sound like #s 2 and 3 were as bad as my emergency c-section lol. They weren't. I was up and about sooner and felt much better after my 2nd and 3rd c-sections.


kay101 - October 31

My doctor told me up to three is considered perfectly safe. I'm debating now whether or not I want to try #2 as a vbac or go for a c-section again. I was all for the repeat c-section till I had to think ok do I ever think I'll want more than three kids? I think I'd be terrified to have more and have something happen to me or the baby. But yes, as long as you didn't have any complications surgery or scarring wise with the first two, the third should go just fine. I've heard of woman having many more and still being ok.


RMC - November 4

I am going to have my 4th csection in may. I wanted to leave my options open for more, but I'm having so many problems with my actual pregnancy that I think this is it. I haven't had any problems with any of the previous ones though.



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