Weight Loss After A C Section

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Maya - May 4

You could start by sit-ups. I remember after my first c-section I did sit-ups (only 18 months after, I started late) and got a somewhat flat stomach within 3 months!


jennifer - May 5

Most of what is left is skin not fat, you cant loose extra flap it has to be cut off via tummy tuck. It also takes at least a year for your body to get back to normal this is hormones and all. Like I always tell my patients men don't like little skinny women anyway they really appreciate curves.


Kristin - May 9

I had my baby c-section 6 weeks ago and lost 27 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I gained 11 pounds during my pregnancy. My tummy sticks out though and I have lots of stretch marks.


Caryn - May 9

Count the carbs and the weight does come off. I notice the weight difference on the days that I have more carbs than I should. I have about 20 pounds to go and I just gave birth via c-section 3 weeks ago tomorrow.


Heather - May 19

This is my third c section and I am very afraid that I will never get my body back to normal. With my 1st child, which was 7 years ago, I went from 126 lbs to 198 lbs. I never really lost all of the weight, but I was very happy with what my body looked like. With my second child I went from around 135 to 210. I stayed stable at 150 lbs after giving birth. I was never really happy with my body after that. Now I went from 150 to 220. I had my third c section April 25 this year. My weight last week was 198. So I have lost about 22 lbs. I am not worried about how much I weigh, but about the over hang of skin (and fat I guess) that is over my scar. I was cut 3 times in the same area. Do they cut through the muscle or do they just move the muscle aside during the surgery? I am very anxious to start exercise and diet, but it has only been three weeks. Is it ok? Do control top garments really help to lose the weight or do they hider the weightloss process because your muscles do not have to work as hard since they are supported? If I would need to get a tummy tuck, how long should I try on my own before resorting to that? This is the most depressing thing to have to deal with.


Christina - June 2

I had twin daughters via c-section May 2002. I lost a lot of the weight after they were born but had an extra 12 that took me a year to get off. My belly was looking a little better (the doctor told me to work out to get my tummy back but I hate to work out so I never worked out.) I just had my third daughter 3 months ago and for the past 3 weeks I have been working out like crazy and watching what I eat. I have not lost any wieght but I am able to fit into some of my old clothes. My belly is going down but I still have that ugly belly roll. It makes me sick. I don't think I will ever be able to wear a bikini again. The skin also looks very saggy. Will that go away with exercise or is a tummy tuck the only option. I am only 29 and it is sad to think that I will never again wear a bikini. Plus I want to look good for my husband. In my eyes all he see's is my ugly flabby belly but he swears that it doesn't matter to him. I guess we should all try not to be too hard on ourselves, we did just have babies.


Jenni - June 3

Just be patient. It takes some time. I have had 3 c-sections. You have to remmber that when we get this done they have to cut threw the muscle & it will never go back together but that does not mean we can't get back that flat unprunny tummy we once had. Cardio works great with getting rid of the fat. Also reverse crunches really make a difference. They biggest part is staying consistant with it. I am now finally down to my last 6 pounds & inch wise I am smaller than before. Don't lose hope just be patient & consistant. Hope this helps. :)


michelle - June 6

I don't but I am in the same boat. I am not quite doing all that exercizing but I am stuck at a weight and I had mine in March 21 c-section. What do we do?


me - June 7

I am getting ready for my 2nd c section and yes they do cut through the muscle if you get a verticle cut, my daughter was an emergency c-section and i was cut the old fashion way it took me a year to get back to a size 10 i was a 9 before that, it comes with patience. I only cut carbs and and did Curves for women for 3 months. I never lost the pouch but it was alot smaller and easy to hide. It eventually gets wider and not so protruding. The support underware do really help, the best bet is to just watch what you eat, I ate what I wanted just small portions and not to late at night. IT is very hard for me to loose weight and I did. But be careful it is sooooooooooo easy to gain it back before this pregancy I was pushing a size 13 , my girlfreind did the same she lost her weight and slowly over a year not doing anything different it came back. It really is all in the carbs and just alittle excersize but you cant quit. Good luck and pray that I can loose it this time too.


lilmum - June 7

The first thing i would like to say (and please don't think i'm being rude), is be realistic. 6 weeks is not a realistic expectation. Try 6 months, with v____al or c-sec. My doctor told me 3lbs a week if your b___stfeeding, and 1 -2lbs a week if your not, is IDEAL. Losing weight too fast, especially on a low carb diet, is very hard on your body, and once you reach the weight you want and relax, your body takes that oppertunity to put the pounds back on in fear of another rapid weightloss. The first week or two, you should lose alot of weight (around 10lbs) because your body is getting rid of the excess blood and water. After that, go slow and steady. #2 Exercises like Pilates, or Yoga are really great after pregnancy because they retone your muscles, especially adominals, which are obviously pretty stretched out. They make you feel good, give you more energy and speeds up your metabolism. Trust me, I was back to my size 5's after 6 months and i have no flap to speak of. #3 Take walks every day. It sounds like alot of work with a new baby, i know, but it's worth it for you and your baby. Make it a bonding experience for you and baby, show your new person the world, they haven't seen it yet! Plus, fresh air makes babies sleepy, so if you can take them out in the evening, talk to them and keep them awake while your out, come home, feed them and give them a bath, that baby will sleep GREAT. #4 Don't stress over it! Taking a couple extra weeks or months to get the weight off isn't a big deal and a few pounds is nothing to make yourself sick over. Just keep yourself motivated and remember how wonderful you are (you did just create a life you know), because just FEELING good will make you look good too.I hope some of this will help you, i wish you luck, and congradulations on the new baby.


terri-lynn - June 29

i had my first c-sec back in 1999 and it took me almost 3 years to get back to my normal weight. i have now recently had another c-sec. 10 weeks ago. i weighed about 140 by the end of my pregnancy, lost about 15 lbs in my first week then gained another 5. its so hard. i have a hard time getting motivasted due to pain and fatigue.


brittney - September 9

i just had my c-section last week and have already lost 29 lbs. i am concerned that i am loosing weight too fast because i have done nothing to loose weight. my diet hasnt changed and i actually sleep most of the day. i lost 7 lbs. in less than two days. is it healthy to loose that much so fast? i am really concerned about it.


Jamie - September 9

Brittney- most of the weight is baby and waterweight. I've lost 40 pounds in 4 weeks after a C-section. The first 20 pounds came off in the first 4 days.


james - September 19

i lost 6 stone in half year u am slim now but the problem is i still have a really flabby belly what can i do


E - September 23

I love reading these because it really helps me to know other people have gone through it too. There is just one thing I want all of you to know. You are so very blessed. I had a c-section and we lost our little one about a half hour later. Please, Please be greatful for having a little one to help you forget about the pain and annoyances of a c-section.


nancy - October 4

I had my son 7 yrs ago and I still have the extra skin.If anyone has any idae what we can do let me know.



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