Weight Loss After A C Section

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vansko - February 10

I had a CS 9 month ago, and gained 60 lb with my pregnancy. My stomach is back to normal, although skin is still not firm enough. I still have 10 lb to loose, but fit in all of my pre pregnancy clothes ( that may be due to muscle gain) I exers. 6 times a week 1 hour of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. I dont really restrict self from any types of food. I also b___stfed for seven month.


Mariefe - February 11

I had c-section last year 31st Oct. I started 53 kg and ended up to 69.5 kg when i got pregnant. Now my baby is already 3 mnths and 12 days old and im almost back to my normal weight and slim tummy . Thankfully and finally, I only have 3 more kilos to loose.. All i did was avoiding sweet foods like ice cream, i drink plain water instead of sweet juices that are full of sugars and does 3 times a week indoor trim walk by D. Austin.


jille - April 6

had a c-section 9 weeks ago. My 1st was a regular v____al birth and the weight seemed to come off a lot easier. My body just seemed to go back much quicker. I have been wearing c-pantys which you can find onliine, they are suppose to help with scar healing.


mother of 5 - September 16

I had c-sections with all my children. I'm getting ready for my 5th c-section on october 10/08. with my first i had him in a small hospital where the doctor did not sew me right inside and he had done so much wrong. this doctor still works in that small hospital to to this day. I got told by my family doctor if i wanted more children to sstart try right way. 9 months of trying we are a little girl. after Josh i start looking for a dotor that knew what he as doing the doctoer i have know is excellent he has delivered my 3 daughters and soon my little boy.


thalirraja - August 24

i had c section in may 8 2011 now 3 and half month completed but my belly still now same as a pregnancy.how do i reduce my belly.please help me.


br00klyniightz - September 19

i had my first child in 2010...i had a c-section too and it so hard for me to lose weight and before i was able to drop weight so quickly after my c-section i would run 20 mins straight ride the elliptical for about 45 mins do the stair master for 20 mins i would about 100 sit ups and i still wouldnt see any lbs shed off quickly...does any one know why it harder to lose weight after a c-section?


lexii - November 20

I had tha same thing like you girls, my stomach would still be around n hangin right under tha c-section, and i had no choice, but to take phentermine and take weight loss program with a Doctor. So she has me on pills and tells me wat all to eat, and all tha workouts and ofcourse lots lots of situps, and ive seen alot of changes on stomach.. Now i feel good bout myself.. But it sure takes all of patients ladies....


gautam - June 26

My baby is 3 months old and I still have that flabby overhang belley, i wanna reduce around 25 kg weight but I'm not sure wether it will shed or not


dekraytom - November 14

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


tera123 - March 2

I was looking a healthy and safe way to lose my post pregnancy weight and body fat without exercise and luckily found Mummy magic weight loss tea that helped me reducing almost all my pregnancy weight.


lorein0688 - February 13

Well, this is common after the pregnancy and especially after C-section delivery women tends to put on some weight. Commonly after the caesarean delivery you can observe a pouch-like area near the belly.

You can lose it by following some healthy natural ways to reduce tummy fat. But remember this takes time, as losing it fast and affect your healthy so give yourself time and try some effective ways like Use a tummy binder, Drink lemon water commonly in the morning daily before eating breakfast, do kegels for reducing tummy after caesarean delivery.



lorein0688 - February 13

Or read this to know more: weightloss-pill . net


qiaraau - April 5

This is a common issue.
I had C-section last year February 23, 2017 and I gained 15 kilos from 58kilos turns to 73kilos then I was shocked that time. so I take some yoga exercises and avoiding sweet food and soda and now I am now 60 kilos :) .


qiaraau - April 24

Regardless of the type of caesarian delivery you had, you will likely lose 10 pounds immediately after childbirth. By following a sensible eating plan and exercising, your body should naturally go back to a healthy weight. 



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