Well It Is Inevitable

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KFish - December 15

I have to have a planned c-section. I was hoping to have a VBAC. I debated the issue and researched the internet and decided to go through the VBAC, but now that has been taken away. My baby is breech and they do not recommend forceably turning the baby as I had a prior emergency c-section. So the c-section has been scheduled. I was hoping that I would at least experience the wonders of natural childbirth, but now that will never happen as this will be my last child. I will regret that I will never be able to tell my daughter about childbirth in order to help her through the process and calm her fears.


djh - December 15

Aw, KFish, I am so sorry. How much longer, any hope in H**L that your baby will turn on its own? God Bless, and I truly am sorry you have had the natural birth taken from you by circ_mstance. When it is your daughter's time in life, use the "village" mentality and have wise women who haved birthed naturally counsel her, without the moaning and complaining. Find your "wise women" and they will help you.


Susan - January 16

Hey KFish, did you have your baby? I feel sorry for you and totally understnad your sadness. It is different to not have the choice of a c-section than it is to NOT have the choice of something that is cherished by so many women, actually giving birth to your own child. My mom didn't have any natural births and she is wistful when she visits with my friends or other women who have delivered v____ally. She always asks so many q's, like how did you feel afterwards about yourself and such. She always says she wishes she could have at least had ONE normal birth. She cried when I had to have one, but I also had one v____al and I made sure she was there but she chose to stand at my head and hold me instead of watching the baby be born. Well, good luck and again, I am sorry because I see what my mom still wishes for too.



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