What Are The Chances Of Having Another One

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Shanna - May 31

Had to have an emergency c section with my daughter at 35 weeks due to high blood pressure. Nothing the docs did would bring it down. Is now 5 months later and found out I am pregnant again so was wondering if anyone knew what the chances were that I would have the same issues with my pressure and have to have another section? Actually would not mind since I did very well and healed quickly. thanks.


olivia - May 31

Every pregnancy is different. I wouldn't worry about it yet because you can totally plan to deliver naturally and then the baby could be breach or a number of other issues could arrise to make the doctors do another section. If you don't mind another, you should be able to go ahead and have one since they are so close together. I had a section in August and and due again in December. They are giving me a choice but due to the nature of my delivery are giving me a slim chance of a successful v____al birth. You doctor will be able to give you better statistics of your blood pressure coming back. My mom had 7 babies and only had blood pressure problems with one, so I think you just have to wait and see. Congratulations to you on your pregnancy!


lovemy3 - May 31

Hi there, I have 3 kids and had preeclampsia with the first 2 as well as sections with all 3 kids. I did not have any pressure problems with my thrird baby but did choose to have another section as I had already had 2 prior. I was told after my first baby and having had preeclampsia I had a 25% chance of getting it again.I went to a high risk clinic that time and they had me taking different supplements and baby aspirin. I did get it again but not quite as bad. With my first it started at about 26 weeks and with my second it happened at 35 weeks and they delivered her that afternoon and all was well. It never appeared at all with my 3rd and I went till 38 weeks and all was well except diabetes which also cleared fine. Good luck


Rhonda - May 31

My dr would not give me a choice in the matter.i had a baby by c-section after hours of labor and baby's head not coming out.Then 3mos later got pregnant again and my dr wanted to do a repeat c-section.So i have had two.



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