What Are The Risks For Multiple Csections And A Vbac

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Michelle - October 20

I have six children. My husband and I expect to have more. We love children!! We are having so much fun as a big family!! My husband and I are exploring options for our next baby delivery. I am 37 years old. My first baby was csection (I think I was working too much-which I later quit teaching). Our 3rd, 4th babies were vbac. Our 5th and 6th were csection (our doctor is too nervous and pushed it on us becaus of all the law suits in Illinois-he's been sued which is sad and frusterating because he is such a good doctor). Anyway, I am healthy. It is illegal in this state to have a doctor by midwife, and since my doctor refuses to let me vbac because of lawsuit risks, we would have to quietly do this (a midwife was recently jailed for this). I just want to know if anyone has had multiple csections and then a vbac. I wonder what the risks are. I don't want the doctors to determine how many children we have. My husband and I want that freedom. Please help. Thanks.


djh - October 20

As much as I understand your plight, please do not attempt delivery at home...you do have more of a risk of rupture! I fully agree that you are being forced to have surgeries that you apparently didn't need as you have successfully VBACed. My only suggestion would be to come in in labor, I don't think they can legally kick you out of the hospital if you are in confirmed labor and I don't think short of a court order you can be forced to have a c-section against your will once admitted either. Ask a lawyer I guess. Good luck!


rebecca - November 5

I am in almost the same situation. I have 2 children now and both c-section b-cuz breech but I am going to have vbac for this one. My dr is a good dr but said no for vbac w/out considering any options. This is because of law suits. I would not have the baby at home because of risks of uterine rupture, but I am going to wait until I am in active labor and then go to the hospital and I will refuse c-section unless medically needed. This is sad we should have to resort to this kind of behavior to have our kids, but they should not punish everyone for others lawsuits. I live in Rockford,IL and we have a lot of mal-suits for OB and it sucks!!!!!!!!


lovemy3 - November 5

Hi there, I do understand how you are feeling. I am tc#4 and have 3 sections in the past. I would have liked to have had more than 4 children, but I am going with my drs recommendation and if I do concieve my 4th will have the section. I think my risk of having problems with a VBAC would be worse than having a 5th section. I look at my other children and can't take that big of a risk with a VBAC. Good luck with you decisions.


Cabbie - November 8

In our state its not that drs refuse to do lawsuits, its that the state malpractice insurance won't cover them if they do VBACs. We are a no choice state and there are other states just the same. If my dr were to allowed me to vbac, he would have not been covered by his insurance and they could have dropped him from their already outrageously priced insurance. I have had three sections and my dr told me he did not recommend anymore children because my uterus has grown so thin from the sections and the a__sociated trauma. I would advise maybe before a home birth is tried to make sure you are not thinned out like I am.


Cabbie - November 8

Wow I meant its not that drs refuse to do vbacs because of lawsuits....


Mommy of almost 3 - November 17

I am the same boat. I have had 2 c-sect and truly do not want another. Both of my children were preterm because of pPROM. I have had very long stays with both of my children. And just want to take my baby home.



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