What Are The Risks Of Pregnancy Soon After A CS

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Louby Lou - November 12

My daughter had a C-Section 19 weeks ago because her baby was discovered to be breech. Unfortunately contraception has failed the couple and they are shocked to be pregnant again at least 3 months already according to the health visitor and midwife. As this new expected baby will be due around their baby's first birthday if not before I was wondering how this will effect my daughter's uterus as the last Cesarean Section will not be more than one year old. My daughter is slim and worked hard the tighten her tummy muscles after the birth 19 weeks ago but she does feel lumpy scaring beneath her visible scar. I have read that it is not advisable to get pregnant so soon after a C-Section. Has anyone else had a similar situation or know of one?


hayley817 - November 13

hi louby my friend had her first child by c-section in july then discovered 6 weeks later that she was pregnant again and had her 2nd in may so she has 2 kids the same age for six weeks its done nothing to harm her having kids so close, but the noise is chaotic lol, good luck think you might need it!! xxxxxx


CodyKatie5 - November 13

Hi Louby. I had a c-section 13 weeks ago. My daughter was also breech, but unfortunately she was stillborn due to a cord accident at full term. For obvious reasons, my husband and I asked our doctor how soon we could try to conceive again. She told me that we could try again after two normal period cycles. I too expressed concern about my uterus being able to carry another pregnancy so soon. She said that the uterus is an AMAZINGLY strong muscle, the second strongest in the female body next to the heart. She says it heals quite quickly and can stretch. The only concern would be putting someone through labor (fear of uterine rupture), which is why a lot of hospitals forbid VBACs. I have no interest in a VBAC simply because of my situation, but from what I've been told, it is very likely that your daughter will have to have another c-section with this baby. Everything will be ok. Best to you and your new soon to be grandbaby. Oh yeah, I've also been drinking organic red raspberry leaf tea to help tone the uterus. A lot of midwives recommend taking it before or during pregnancy.


lovemy3 - November 17

How many prior sections has she had?


djh - November 18

Hi. I had 4 sections in 4 years to the day. I did not rupture with any of them even though I had a very thin scar and I went into hard labor with each of them. They did advise me to not have more after my 3rd because they could see my daughter through the scar when they were delivering her. I did hemorrhage quite significantly with her and my last baby was born 7.5 weeks early because my uterus was "irritable". I labored with him 5 times as they stopped each of them before he finally had to come out. I also hemorrhaged with him. If your daughter is only planning on a couple she should be okay. I had my first two 11 months apart and while difficult to have two so close and to recover from surgery, it is doable. I suggest she find all she can on the signs and symptoms of uterine scar segment separation and that she be followed closely by her OB. Good luck and congrats!



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