What Does Scar Tissue Feel Like

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2boys - September 5

I was told i have a lot of scar tissue after my 2nd cs and i have heard people say they have alot of pain associated with the scar tissue anyone else have this problem? i think if i was so full of scar tissue i would feel some type of pain and beings how my uterus was adhered to my bladder and colon last time i would think that i would have experienced some pain.so does anyone know what scar tissue feels like and do they have problem?


Amy P - September 21

the only problems i have to date are that i trap gas and it becomes really painful, occasionally i feel burning at my incision site, and when my bladder is full, OUCH....however i want another baby and i am scared.....no i didnt suffer vag discharge....


nellie - September 22

I found some information last night on Scar Tissue, (treatment, how it happens etc) on the website for 'Womans Surgery Group' and also under 'Abdominal Adhesions, Prevention and Treatment'. sorry I didn't take down their address, but it showed pictures of scar tissue and told how the doctors knew very little about how to fix it or how exactly why it happens. I think if I get pregnant again and need another section I will request them to investigate and remove the old scar tissue, and request them to make sure they do the section right!! to minimise the risk of a greater amount of scar tissue!!


Amy P - September 22

if theres any confusion i am 2boys! anyhow i am trying for my 3rd and i am afraid of the 3rd c.......my doctor that did my 2nd c told me that he cleared out all the scar tissue he could, but my new doctor told me it will come back and likely worse....so i dont know...i am afraid to have another one b/c i am not really having any scar tissue pains and i dont want to ya know.....


amanda - October 6

i have had 2 c sections one in 1990 and the 2nd in 1997 my surgeon told me i had alot of scar tissue and my bladder is adhered to my womb.I have swollen stomachs and tenderness at the scar site but i believe i have IBS which causes traspped wind and swollen stomach...i am trying for another baby without success and wondered if anyone else was having this problem ?


Katrena - October 6

I was told after my son was born that I had a lot of scar tissue but I never was in any pain so I didn't know not everyone who has scar tissue from C-Sections have pain with it some do talk to your Dr I have a friend who when she had her hysterectomy said when she laid on her stomache that she would feel something like a ball in her stomach when she asked her Dr about it he said it was from scar tissue and at times her stomach bothered her but not all the time I have noticed with my 3rd pregnancy that I have a lot of pain at the incision site the Dr told me it was where the scar is stretching it feels a lot like it did when I had my first C the burning sensation on each side of the incision


Nellie - October 6

To Amanda, it sounds like you have similar problems to me. Can I ask do you sometimes, just prior to period and after, have a pain around your hip aswell, that reaches round to your back? I have requested to have an ultrasound scan and await a date. One lady previously suggested 'incisional endometriosis' to me, I am going down this line of invesigation to see what I can find out. I too am trying to get pregnant, but to no avail. Getting on a bit now, dont want to waste much more time.



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