What If I Go Into Labor Earlier Than C Sect Date

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KH - June 26

I have a schedule section for 7/18. It says not to eat or drink after midnight. I understand and agree with that, but what happens with people who go into labor early and need an emer. section? Do they get sick if they have food in their system? just curious :)


Kaz - June 26

I guess they just want to avoid any chance of you being sick. I was booked in for a C 30th May due to breech. I went in for the pre-op where they take your height and weigh you. They gave me a couple of pills to take the night before and the morning of the op which were to stop your stomach getting ga__sy with the drugs. Anyhow, I went into labour on the 25th and had to have emergency C. They gave me a small drink of something which has the same effect but acts quicker. I hope this helps answer your Q.


KH - June 26

thanks Kaz - that makes sense :) How are you recovering? I hope I go early!


Jbear - June 27

The reason they say not to eat or drink before a c-section is because you could vomit and then breathe in the vomit. I had an emergency c-section, but I was in the hospital for a day and a half before I had it, so my stomach was already empty. I forgot about that gross stuff they make you drink, I could barely keep it down.


Kaz - June 27

Hi KH, not too bad thanx. My little girl was 5pound 6 born / 2.455kg, as she's so little she feeds every 3 hours. It gets tiring and she takes an hour or so to feed too but this could be because she has tongue tie. Ashleigh's just gone 4 wks and has put on almost a kilo so I feel proud of myself (I'm b___stfeeding). I'm looking forward to driving again, I had no idea before that you're not to drive for 6 weeks and that most insurance companies won't cover you. Mind you I'm more likely to fall asleep at the wheel anyhow. I'm glad that I went early, I didn't know the s_x and I wanted her birthday to be a surprise too, weird hey. I was afraid though of going into labour and being told "Well Hun you're too far gone, you have to deliver this baby yourself". I was in labour and 2cm dialated as it was and they put me on a drip and pumped ventilin into me to stop the contractions, this was really awful stuff b/c it makes your heart hammer so hard and fast. That was so freaky.



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