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Blown Away - March 9

I am so utterly astonished that so many women are on here accepting the glossed over versions of cesarean sections and even stunned beyond words that there are women out there shopping for a quack to do an elective c-section on their perfectly healthy bodies. I understand those who need them, really, truly need them, and I understand some are fearful of the risks of VBAC no matter how small. But to actually demand one, or shop until you find a doctor to do one without indication is just unbelievable to me. It's only been 10 years since I had my last baby and he had to be a c-section due to cord prolapse. The only damage I ever got was from HIS birth. I just think this is insanity and I know I will get totally jumped by those of you who think this is just another "choice" issue. While you're choosing why don't you just look into surrogate motherhood, that would be the easiest way to deliver of all if that is what you are looking for. There are some young mothers out there who will actually take the incomplete "facts" thrown out by those supporting an elective c-section and they may have an operation that could harm them terribly.


Lynne - March 9

I honestly think these shows on TLC have made a c section appear to be a piece of cake. Yeah, piece of cake when you can't have pain meds for hours after the cesarean because of the pain meds in the epidural, having to walk around with staples in your gut immediately after the procedure; then having the nurses to come in and press on your uterus to make sure it is contracting back down to size. That sounds like a piece of cake. All the facts need to be explained to everyone about a cesarean. Then make your decision, but I just don't think people realize that a c section is major abdominal surgery anymore. Don't get me wrong, if people choose this method, thats their choice but the facts of the procedure need to be understood and explained fully. I congratulate all the pregnant ladies and I hope all of you regardless of your method of birth have a wonderful delivery of your precious angels.


kristie - March 9

Hi ladys, i had a c- section due to baby stress and me not dialating and u no what, i would kill to give normal birth. My body now is awfull and skin hangs over the scar. To me if you can give normal birth then do it natures way, there is nothing worse then having to attend to a baby when it feels like you have just been hit by a bus! By the way good thread i like ppl that speek there mind CHEERS!


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 9

I agree with Kristie. You do feel like you have been hit by a bus. Then the nurse is always asking right after words....do you want to hold your baby. Of course I do, but right now I am so dopped up I dont want to! I know that sounds harsh, but d__n....when you dont feel good I just want to be left alone for a bit.


Cabbie - March 9

I get confused when reading the post on this cesarean section. What do people consider to be an elective section? I will have my third in June. My first was due to a high, breech baby. My dr advised it. My second was a VBAC. They let me tell them my preference, but my dr also advised a section. Now on my third my state's major malpractice insurer will not allow drs to perform vbacs. If a dr in my state has this insurance (which most do), they are not covered in VBACs. I get confused with "elective" sections. Because I did elect to have them, but it was under drs advice. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


Cabbie - March 9

By the way, I would have never chosen a section as my first birth experience if my dr had not given me good reasons for it, but at the same time if I am asked would I change it, I would say "no". I think I had it good compared to other stories I read (both v____al and sections) and above all else I have my babies!


tjane - March 9

I am having trouble accepting that I have to have a c-section for no other reason than I already had one. I changed doctors because of this and then come to find out the hospitals in my area will not allow a woman to attempt VBAC. I dont get it, it has taken a little stress out of the situation as they have made the decision for me but I was stressing because I didnt know what to do really. It is a tough call to make and it should be done only when you are educated (If you are lucky enough to even have a choice).


Blown Away - March 9

Hi, good questions about what is truly "elective". In my own opinion, it is one where there is absolutely no reason for it other than the mother asks for one. i especially mean to address c-sections that are done on women who have no risks or contraindications for a v____al birth, and especially in regards to women who demand one for their FIRST birth. There were even women on other threads that didn't have complications from their v____als but STILL insisted on c-sections due to the midguided a__sumption they are "safe", done frequently (so is heart by-pa__s surgery) and that the pain from them can't possibly compare to a v____al. I had both and yes, labor is INTENSE and for an hour or two really painful, but the c-section pain lasted a lot longer and my body never felt the same after my C. My bladder has never been the same, bowel habits, periods, all changed for the worse. FYI as hard as it is to believe, I helped my sister check out docs for her upcoming prenatal care and we compared CS rates among them, some doctors who are not high-risk OBs had over a 50% c-section rate! That by every standard is highly irregular even after taking into account the lack of prenatal care, health status of mom and baby, etc. So women who did not have a prior C, or have ongoing or emergent situations are still being fed a bunch of bull and are being sectioned unethically. To you moms who have no choice due to insurance issues, I empathize totally, it is for that reason that my son was my last, if I want VBAC I will have to travel 2.5 hours and cross a state line to do so. I feel this is criminal. Cabbie, you are in a unique position, you can deliver v____ally, but you did require a section for a breech baby, and so you have kind of a risk either way. Best wishes to you all. One of my biggest questions is to those who do chose a primary or non-medical c-section as they always say it is about choice, but as Cabbie and others have indicated, due to a few rare occurances, the minute the choice advocates have a c-section, they have effectively eliminated the very choice they so coveted. A paradox to be sure. What if they had their non-medical c-section with a first baby and had a lousy experience, they will then find themselved in the same boat as those of us who lament our choice being taken from us. Hmmm.


Mandy1984 - March 10

hi all elective is planned and emerengy is not, I had an elective c/section with my 1st after I took a major bood clot in my left leg at 31weeks, I had to get a filter put into my vena cava 2 days before the c/s then removed after 10 days, I spent 9 weeks in hospital which was realy hard as I was only 17 at the time...I did not recover well from my C/section, I was given a general anthesthic and when i woke up the pain was undescribable, I was unable to even sit up in the bed for 3 days...that was june 2001, In april 2004 I was brought in to be induced foe a normal delivery with my 2nd, Because I have to take blood thinners to prevent clots the doctors had to be really careful I didn't tear, After 6 hrs of Labour everything just stopped, I was told I needed a c/s...also, I could have one within the next few hours (emergency) or wait and get one the next day (elective)...I really did not want a c/section because of the first one but I choose the emerengy as I wanted it over and done with...No matter what I needed a c.section and the only difference between an emergency and an elective was a few hrs...The 2 nd c/s was much easier than the 1st but still not a walk in the park, I am 9 pregnant again and have been told that I will be taken at 37 weeks for a c/section so I am dreading it...I agree that c/sections should not be done just because the patient wants one,


G - March 10

Hi, I had a c-section after a long labor and the baby not descending during pushing. I SO REGRET A C-SEC. I am looking forward to "regular" birth experience next time!!


JenE - March 10

I had a c-section with my son who is now 16 months. I was in labor for 23 hours and only dialated to a 7 and developing an infection so the doc chose a c-section. I was so scared. I came out of it great. I was up walking the next day. The first night was undoutably rough with the nurse pushing on my belly but the next day I felt great. I even got to go home a day early. I am back down to my pre preg clothes and my scar is barely noticeably. I would have like to have a normal delivery but have a c-section wasn't that bad for me. It is definantly different for everyone.


Darlene - March 11

I had a C- Section. Not by choice, per se. I was unable to deliver naturally. I was scared to death.. of death itself. Anyway, it all came out alright. However, I must say, the pain has been no joke. I am almost at my 6 week stint and to this day I have soreness around my incision. My bowel movements are not the same. I have way more gas. My belly is also rounded like I am 3 mos preggers and I have no idea why. My sister who had a C- Section said her belly went flat and all she had was a pouch near her incision around 6 weeks. If I could have delivered naturlaly I woul dhave as that was my plan to begin with. Now the baby is 22" long and when I hold her she kicks my wound all the time. Thsi adds to the pain.


JenE - March 11

I am sorry some people have so many problems. My incision hurt for about 3 weeks. By six weeks I couldn't even tell I had a baby. Niether could anyone else. I didn't even get the pooch. I am not trying to brag I am just saying it to show how everyone is different. I guess I just got lucky. Maybe next baby I won't be.


Katrina - March 12

I wasdevastated when my obstetrician told me I would need a ceaser to deliver my baby which was in a difficult breech position. I think the majority of woman would definately opt for a natural labour and spend most of their pregnancy preparing for just that. Although the decision was made for me, (my stubborn little baby girl was not going to turn around), my ceasarian was a very positive experience. I had minimal pain, was b___st feeding my baby within an half an hour of her being born and was up and about the next day. Sure it was sore and I had to take it easy, but there's no better incentive for a speedy recovery then a beautiful, brand new baby. My daughter is 17 months now and I have to look very hard to even see my scar. I am now 6 weeks pregnant with my second and will need to decide whether to opt for another ceaser of try VBAC. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had a VBAC. At the end of the day, no matter how they get here, as long as mum and bub are safe and healthy!


only lucky for babies - March 20

My only thing i am ok with re: c-secion delivery is tha my kids are alive. The rest of it stuck and the pain was at least as bad as my v____al delivery with no meds and a good sized tear. I just don't get the shopping for the chopping. if you get my meaning.


ry - March 20

wow, this post sucks. i am terrified of having a c section. this just reinforced the horror of it. and mine will be in NO way elective! I cant imagine why someone would choose one over a v____al birth unless there were risks or complications...


sorry RY - March 20

Sorry Ry, some of us also had to have them, and we were told by v____al moms and a relatively few c-section moms that the experience was a breesze. Obviously we believe them, for all things are individual. Just don't expect it to be as easy as some make it out to be, and also the hard ones are more and more becoming the exceptions as pain management has come a long way, especially in the first 48 hours. The mothers used to have it A WHOLE LOT rougher than they do now with c-sections. But there are still many instances of very painful c-sections with complications and you should not live in a rose-colored bubble about them. I am sure you can retell many a v____al "horror' story (which can also get bigger and badder as time goes on) So by reading all the posts you will have a general idea of the highs and the lows of the birth method. You will be okay, the operation is improved, okay? Some women are so worked up that the only thing they can feel is relieved after it is done, which isn't necessarily a bad thing to expect the worst and get a bit better experience. Good luck to you.



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