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wow - November 27

WOW!!! I don't see what the big deal is if a woman wants to have a c-section or a natural labor!!! It is after all, between her and her doctor. And if someone feels that they recieved one, and thought that they shouldn't have-take it up with your doctor!! Women do not get all chopped up during a section!!!! It is just the same if a woman wants drugs during labor or not-again-between her and her doctor. Why do people make such a big deal out of this topic, if you are against it-don't get one, etc. geeze....


Charlene - November 27

So what exactly DOES happen to the tissues, skin, vessels and fascia when you perform a cesarean section? People who actually needed one and didn't have cake-walk experiences are SICK of coming on these sites for info and seeing their experiences falsely represented. If you want to elect a c, great, don't lie about the aftermath, and out of courtesy for those who did not have good experiences, DO NOT SAY IT IS THE EASY WAY OUT...just like bad v____als, there are just as many bad c-section experiences and it is wrong to label one or the other as easier since there is no way to compare the two or even two women's experiences.


wow - November 27

charlene charlene-what are you talking about?? Who said anything about any of that stuff you had to say?? I never said anything was easy, I never mentioned one "better" than the other-did I? Did i say that they have a "cake-walk"? My point is this:"THIS DECISION IS FOR THE DOCTOR AND THE WOMEN-WHETHER IT IS A VAGINAL OR A C-SECTION THERE ARE ALWAYS RISKS INVOLVED. BUT WE, YOU AND i ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCES, GOOD OR BAD AS ANYONE ELSE, AND THAT IS MY POINT! I have no doubt that there are tramatic stories of both out there, You have started exactly the "big deal" that I was talking about-thanks for taking the time to "read" my post.........


Charlene - November 27

Third line to the right, you said "...women do not get all chopped up during a section..." that is what I responded to, so I DID read your post. The big deal is as I mentioned, as long as others don't label it as easier, painfree way out, etc...the issue would just go away. But when you visit these forums and see the BS being spread about them it prompts a response because some women will believe the stories as full Gospel and make a decision based on subjective data. So in order to not start the "big deal" may I inquire as to what type of response you were looking for?


marcie - November 28

wow...I agree with your post,if people,like me choose to have an elective section,then so be it.They have discussed the matter with their doctor/midwife,its their body,and should be up to them.It is not false when I say that the section was a million times better than my v____al birth.Just because its "natural"does not make it easier,and in my case it was also not easier to recover from.If I was pregant again....and I'm not,two is enough,then again I would choose an elective c-section.


ohhhh! - November 28

Now jump on Marcie too...if you are fair-minded at all for she indeed has started the "big deal" by coming out swinging...


wow - November 28

It comes down to people who see the issue for what it is and understands that it is between the doctor and the woman. For charlene, I take it that you had a bad experience, however, marcia had a better experience and that is my point. Some have great v____al births where others get torn up and have horrible recoveries. It is the same both ways. And, I didn't get "all chopped up" with my section, so you must have a different experience with that, I have an excellent doctor. I was looking for just this, both sides, but you must remember that these are experiences-I don't see macia as coming out swinging....I just wish that a woman could come here-whether being told she'll NEED one or want one-and get useful info. Not people forcing issues and perosnal points of view down their throats or questioned as to why they are asking because it seems that if a woman elects to have one, they get torn apart for it. And that is not right.`


wow - November 28

also, I don't see as many women on here preaching about how great it was compared to all those who tell how awful it was...maybe that says some huh?


Nicole - November 28

wow,I agree.I cannot understand why people get so upset,because someone chooses a way to have a baby.Also,you are right,women do not get chopped up,if it were that risky then they would not be so many preformed,everyday,after all we are not talking open heart surgery! i was very satisfied with my section.Glad as people said,I did not endure labour,but again that i me.


Charlene - November 28

Well if women don't get chopped up per se with a section, just cut, then the same applies to v____al birth women too. My point is, it is a big deal because it seems like people are on these forums promoting them as THE BEST way to give birth, like the risks don't really exist, or that because a couple people liked it planned, played music, etc. that that is how it USUALLY goes. I chose one for a medical condition because of people like that, saying how great they were, how much easier than a v____al, etc. and I was so totally lied to! If you have ANY complications from your c-section the scales shift back, way back to the other birthing method. I would rather endure 24 hours of labor than have my brand new c-section scar filled with pus and have to be dug out and packed with gauze, running a temp of 103 degrees, and a brand new baby. That is something you run the risk of everytime you have surgery and to choose that risk is in my mind, not making a fully informed decision that's all. I would have liked to have seen more posters allowed to caution against as well as to promote a woman's choice for birth, but they were essentially run off by a few militant posters who sounded like v____al birth was obsolete and c-sections were absolutely the ONLY way to go. That's all, I guess I am one of those women who got duped by the people I listened to, including those on these forums. I didn't mean to offend anyone, but I think you all should be aware that someone listened to you and her friends and doc and has regretted it horribly ever since. I have a permanent hole in my scar because of an infection that many women get from c-sections. Maybe it worked out for people like Marcie and Nicole, but you also must admit you just got lucky too. My doctor is an excellent doc too, but Staph is everywhere in our world and when you have an opening that isn't normally there you can get it, and I actually asked for it I guess.


wow - November 28

I don't consider myself lucky when it comes to my c section. My doc did a good job, your experience is a horrible one and I am sure that there are more out there, but if doctors thought that it was all luck when it came to the outcome of a c section you can bet that they wouldn't be doing them. If there were more bad outcomes than good, it wouldn't be permitted. I don't feel as though I need to cross my fingers for luck with my next either. I don't think that c sections are the "only way," personally, I think everyone should try labor. Because without that you really don't know what it is like, and go from there. But, if someone is scared to death of it, then maybe a c section is for them, some people aren't willing to try things.


Casey - November 28

I love these little battles. Here's one to spice things up. I'm having an elective csection because I'm terrified of v____al birth and the risk of getting st_tches down there. My doctor said fine. My c is a done deal and it's months away if I want to change my mind, which I won't. I love options!!!


Charlene - November 28

No! I meant it is all luck as to whether you get a post-op infection or not! Even with sterile technique, the bacteria still exists on everyone's skin, in their noses and in the environment, so it IS entirely LUCK when it comes to that part. But, I didn't expect charity of spirit in the last two responses since I hope women WON'T choose this route and sadly, the last poster confirmed it with her "loving these battles" and a neener-neener response. I am not in a fun and games situation, I was really trying to prevent someone from making a mistake, not trying to enter a p__sing contest with someone who believes everything is about their right to choose at the expense of hurting someone who has already been damaged. Thanks a bunch, guess there are very few women who actually give a c___p about others.


wow - November 28

Hi casey-I too am planning on having a scheduled c with this pregnancy and I feel so much better knowing that I will know what is going to happen this time!! Last time sucked, so me and my doc decided to just plan this one!! Good luck to you!!


L - November 28

First baby I had v____ally...2nd baby - c-section due to baby being breech. I say 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. Labor hurts and so does recovery from the C. They both have their pros and cons but I say whatever is best for delivering a healthy baby and keeping mom healthy too.


to charlene - November 29

when you say you were lied to,no you were not,just because you had a bad experience.There are those who have natural births who have it tough,like marcie,and others,those who still suffer after giving birth.I know of a friend whose 4th v____al birth lasted 2hours start to finish,no problem.I work with 4 girls who had c-sections,one was planned,she was up and about soon after in not much pain,delighted at the thought of a section.another friend had an emergency section with her 1st,and she had an infection,yet she told me she prefered that birth,even with an infection to her next where she opted for an epidural and it did not take properly.The thing is it has to be whatever the woman feels happier with,neither is easy,but to say you were lied to is not true.When you elect for a section you go through the procedure in depth,so you are fully aware of what happens etc.Personnally,I too prefer the thought of a section,and agree if it were that risky then people would not be able to have them as easily as they are being done.as Nicole stated it is not like you are having open heart surgery,but a c-section that are being done so frequently.


VZC - November 29

Charlene, don't worry about other women's choices. You are stressing yourself out over something that you have no control over. What ever a woman wants to do is really her business as long as it doesn't affect you. Like mentioned several times, by several women, "there are good and bad" in each. It's like trying to convince someone to have her tubes tied after 2 kids when she wants 5 kids, because you have 5 and it's a lot of work. Hey, to each there own. If someone wants a c-sections, go for it. If they want to have it v____ally, great. Who the heck cares? If you want 10 kids, good for you. If you want just one, fine. There are risks in any kind of birth. I have a relative who's son was practically yanked out of the mother during a v____al delivery and the kid was not well. This was 20 some years ago. they sued the doctor and hospital and after so many years they child was put in a home. He died at 28. My mother-in-law, who works with special children, has a student who because lack of oxygen during a v____al birth, is not well. So, you see, there are risk in v____al births too. I had a csection, because the babies heart was slowing down. At that moment, all I cared was for the safety of this baby that I had carried for 9 months. In 3 weeks, I'll be having my second child thorugh c-section. All I can do is pray for both me and the baby. So,don't worry about other's choice of delivery. Just worry about yourself.



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