What To Bring And What Not

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Gavinsmom - January 17

Since I am completely clueless and this is my first baby...what do I need to pack for my upcoming (or hopefully not) c-section? I know necessity stuff, such as, toiletries. BUT, what do I need "special" for a c-section delivery? Was there something you couldn't have lived without or wish you had brought? I know I need to buy some granny panties (all of mine are low cut bikini). What does the hospital supply that I don't need to bother to bring? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)


sahmof3 - January 17

If you do have a c-section you will probably be in longer than a v____al delivery. I personally liked having my own clothes. I didn't want to be in a hospital gown when ppl came in to visit. I wasn't expecting a c-section with my first and afterward I made dh go home and get some of my older clothes (comfy old shorts, etc.). With my next two I knew to pack them. Also, anything that you know will make you more comfy. The hospital supplied pads, but not the brand I like, so I brought my own. Just stuff like that.


Nerdy Girl - January 18

I disagree with sahmof3 on the clothes. I'd rather bleed all over the hospital clothes than my own. LOL! I brought a robe so I was covered up when guests came or when I would walk into the hall. Definitely your own slippers and socks too. A nursing bra to hold pads or gel packs in place is a good idea, but you the hospital lactation consultant can sell you a bra too.


Leilani14 - January 18

I agree with sahmof3 having your own PJs is a must. Kepp in ming you will sweat. I changed 3 PJs is 3 days. I also loved my boppy pillow. It supports the baby and makes it easier on your incision. I think it is worth being carefull on what you eat those first days. I had DH bring me home made food. A lot of cooked fruit like apples and homemade soups. Also don't forget to drink a lot. Because you don't want to get constipated and if you eat light you won't have any issues with bowl movements and that is very important.


sahmof3 - January 18

lol... I see Nerdy Girls point. I only wore my own older clothes that I didn't mind sacrificing ;-)


Gavinsmom - January 18

Thanks for the pointers! I have my list going! I also bought some cheap BLACK clothes from Target and Kohl's, so that I don't have to wear the hospital stuff. I have a MAJOR fear of hospitals and I have to make it feel like a hotel or I will be miserable. I can't feel like a patient (I know, I'm weird)! Poor dh...I already told him that under no circ_mstance (unless he HAS to), will he be leaving my side. I told him he needs to pack his bag, too, with 3-4 days worth of clothes! Gosh, I hope they let him stay with me! If not, they will have a basketcase on their hands...probably will need to give me anxiety drugs and sleeping pills! LOL! Did your sig. others stay with you the whole time? Maybe I am just a big baby...I dunno! If anything else pops into your heads about what else I need to pack, please chime in! Thanks ladies! :)


sahmof3 - January 18

Well, I am an overpacker lol, so everything came with me, especially for my 2nd and 3rd... curling irons, make-up, lotions, if you wear contacts you need all of that jazz... and don't forget the camera... it's so obvious, but so easy to forget ;-) DH stayed with me for all mine, except the one I was under general anesthesia for, but he went to the nursery with the babies while I was being st_tched up. Then, he came back to recovery with me when I was in recovery and back to the room I would be staying in with me. With my first he stayed overnight every night, but with #s 2 and 3 he came in during the day and went home to relieve my mom at night.


Nerdy Girl - January 18

My hospital provided nursing pillows, so we didn't have to lug ours there. You could call and check.


SuzieQ - January 18

Make sure the pants you bring are very very loose! If you have a csection, you will probably be quite sore there and it does help. Also, a b___ton up shirt is helpful. I was quite sore after and it was uncomfortable to raise my arms over my head - but some people are fine with it! Bring your own water too, unless you like tap water :)


krnj - January 18

Bring a pair of Flip Flops for the shower! Hospital showers gross me out! lol I had my poor dh run all over trying to find flip flops at the end of Feb! lol


aurorabunny - January 18

Oh I'll mention jeans...my c-section was unplanned as well and I stupidly wore jeans into my induction. Had to wear jammy pants home from the hospital as those jeans did NOT feel so good on the incision. Also I might suggest sneaking in any meds that you might want that aren't really pain meds--(tylenol, tums). I didn't take any pain pills because they all make me very nauseous but wanted something to take the edge of and they told me late at the end of the first night that I couldn't have tylenol because my doctor wasn't there to write an order for it!! I could have demerol, but no tylenol. Riiiight. LOL. And bringing my own pillows made it a lot nicer too. Good luck!


Gavinsmom - January 19

You guys are SO SO awesome! I am writing all of these things down! I am such a perfectionist/worry wart and MUST have everything to be comfy! Please feel free to chime in if anything else pops into your head! :)


Melissa30 - January 19

Yeah you guys sure are helpful. I have been wondering the same thing. My 1st c-section was an emergecy, I wasn't even planning on having the baby that day. I thought I still had a couple of weeks left before he would be born. SURPRISE! This time I will be prepared.



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