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nina - April 22

I have 5 weeks left and the baby is already 7lbs the doctor wants to do a c-section if baby gets to big I have 2 other children who were born va___ally I don't know what to expect??????


Ashley - April 22

Well i just had a c-section 2 weeks ago and my experience was not what I expected at all. I had 22 hours of labor when they decided to do a c-section because the baby was not coming out. Turns out the umbilical cord was around baby pulling her. Anyways, as soon as they lie you on the table they put a sheet over you so you can't see whats going on. Then they slowly start to inject the drugs in you through the IV's to numb you from waist down. This for me was the worst because I was shaking so much that it was scary. It seemed as though I was having a seizure or something. But they said this was normal. Throughout you just feel pulls and tugs, nothing painful. Afterwards you just pa__s out! Then, the best part of all... once you wake up your tummy is still huge and full of air so you have to pa__s lots of gas or else it gets really painful and your tummy stays bloated. Also, they don't let you leave the hospital unless you poo. Anyhow, that was my experience... hope that helps!


Jbear - April 26

Is the doctor's estimate of the baby's size based on an ultrasound? I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks and the doc said my daughter was 9.5 lbs. I was hospitalized for pre-eclampsia, and based on the baby's size my labor was induced. Two days later, the induction having failed, I was given a c-section. My daughter weighed 6lbs, and then she lost a pound while she was in intensive care, because of fluid in her lungs. I was told that the size estimate was based on the length of the baby's leg bones. My daughter was long and very scrawny. I've read that size estimates based on ultrasound are often wrong. As far as the c-section, the actual operation was painless. You feel pressure, but no pain. Your husband is usually allowed to be present, at least for the actual birth. Recovery is pretty uncomfortable. The incision is usually done just above your pubic hair, from hipbone to hipbone. It is closed with staples, and you still have bloody v____al discharge. Ashley's right, the gas is really uncomfortable, and the hospital won't let you leave until you poop (in my case, I couldn't eat the hospital food, so it took me a while). I had a spinal headache, a possible side effect of the anesthesia. I was also really depressed because my baby was in the NICU, and because I hadn't anticipated a c-section.


chel - April 27

I have had 2 c-sections. I had a great experience with both of them. I had a spinal block with each. You sit on the operating table and they inject it into your back. I never felt it either time. Then they swung my legs up onto the table. The spinal works really fast. They hang up a sheet and you can't see anything. You will feel some minor tugging, but no pain at all. With my second one, I did get the shakes. They were kind of scary because I was no expecting them. They placed warm towels all around my head and shoulders to help. I also had some shoulder pain which is also normal. A c-section is very quick. It's over almost as soon as it starts. Afterward, you can expect to be really sore the first time you try to get up. You do have to stay in bed for about 8 hours. They should bring the baby to you during this time. Once you start getting up, you need to keep moving. Moving around is the best thing to help get over the pain. You will have a lot of v____al bleeding just as if you'd had a v____al birth. I was feeling fine within a couple of weeks after both c-sections. I had pretty much resumed most normal activities in about a week or so. However, no lifting more than your baby for about 4 weeks.


Donna - April 28

It's not so bad, everyone has there own different experience, mine was a big shock because no one knew she was breech till they done an internal and felt her feet, i thought i was going to have a normal delivery, anyway they popped me on the table and i had a spinal which numbed me from the b___st downwards and they put abig sheet over so you cant see whats going on, ad like everyone else said, you just feel tugging and pulling and alot of noise then you hear your little baba cry which is the most wonderful thing ever! then they do your stiches and move you onto another bed into the hospital ward, i was let out 3 days later but its been 2 weeks and im still sore and recovering and just relaxing, but i felt so distant from my daughter because my boyfriend fed her first,changed her bum first, hugged her first!, i was too sore to do all of that!, thats my experience! :)



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