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Perry - November 6

We are having a planned c-section in a few days. I've never had one "planned" and have no clue what to take to the hospital. I know I will be there a couple days. What do I take for the baby? What will I need for myself besides clothes and toiletries? My husband plans to stay with me, what will he need? Is there a check list somewhere?


djh - November 6

your toothbrush, something to read, shampoo, conditioner, brush, etc.. Your own facial moisturizers if you use them. Make-up, although I personally didn't feel up to that. Disposable camera for those moments you might want one but don't want to risk losing an expensive one somehow. As far as your hubby, same goes, his toiletries, and a change of clothes. Phone book with everyone's number in it, perhaps make a list of "WHO TO CALL" and have them be the relay people for everyone else.


also, - November 6

You might want to take you own pillows, or at least on-those hospital pillows can get uncomfortable. And having something from home makes you feel more comfortable. Don't forget socks, I had to send my husband home bc it was summer time-well they had the air up and my feet were freezing!! Good luck to you!!!


Jbear - November 7

I took a couple of nightgowns, a robe, a bunch of underpants and a pair of house shoes. The hospital provides gowns but I wanted my own, because I didn't want to go around with my backside hanging out. If you're b___stfeeding you'll need to bring your nursing bra and pads. I also took shampoo, hairbrush, ponytail holder, that sort of thing. I took a couple of books, but I didn't read at all since I kept the baby in the room with me. For the baby, I took a couple of outfits, socks, a pretty blanket, and little mitts so she wouldn't scratch her face. You don't really have to take anything for the baby except an outfit to go home in, but most hospitals don't mind if you dress the baby in your own stuff (and it's so fun!) I took my boppy pillow but I ended up not using it. I didn't take anything for my husband...he can never stay put, so that way he had an excuse to go home and change. Oh, you can check with your hospital and see if they'll let your husband bring a camera in the operating room. Ours did, and I have the neatest pictures of my gooey, screaming little girl, the cord being cut, the bracelet being put on her ankle, etc.


Kelly - November 7

Hey Perry, ONE THING I CAN ADVISE YOU NOT TO TAKE....chocolate! I sneaked some in for my second c-section because of how long they make you wait to eat and it gave me the most painful gas and bloating on my brand new incision! The scar is painful enough without putting a bunch of gas pressure behind it!!! Sounds funny now, but since you are talking about packing for the hospital I would put my 2 cents in.


KFish - November 7

take some sanitary napkins. The big thick maximum heavy flow kind. You will need them for the after-birth. Bring a towel with you so if you want to shower before you leave for home, you can.


hi - November 7

Just so that you know-they will supply sanitaries for you and some underwear-its nothing fancy-but its better than ruining yours-who's seeing them anyways!!!


Jbear - November 8

The only thing about the underwear they provide is, if you have a big b___t like I do, it won't fit. That's why I took my own nightgowns, too...when I had my first daughter, the hospital gowns were so tight across my bust and shoulders that my arms went numb when I lay down. Oh, you can take simethicone gas drops with you for the gas pain, or ask the hospital to provide them. It made a huge difference in my comfort level for my 2nd c-section.



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