When Can I Exercise After A C Section

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flo_683 - February 13

I just gave birth 2months ago and i had a c-section , well i still do feel some small pains on the part where my incision is i just want to ask when is it proper to exercise and what kind of exercise should i perform?


Tsige Ezechiel - February 22

Hello, I don't know if I could be help to you. I just gave birth four months ago and I also had a C section. The only excercise that I did was that I used to lie down on my back and hold in my stomack for few seconds. This helped me not only for my stomack but also for my back pain. In my openion, all you need to do is, don't sit too much in one place. You need to walk around and lie down, 'cause it will be too soon for you to start any exercise. Believe me, too much sitting would not be the solution for you. Tsige.


cling - March 4

Hi...each person is different. I had to have my 4th child by c-section b/c of an omphalocele...the babies liver grew outside her stomach...she's okay. I kept myself in great shape and was back exercising 5 days after my c-section. I know I'm the exception to the rule but listen to your body and don't use this as an excuse not to get back into shape...that's too easy!!


Becky - March 10

I may have to have a c section due to future problems with myself and am very self conscience about my body, i am afraid i will never get my stomach muscles back to normal


X-Pro - March 10

Greetings ladies, I had to have a c-section for the second time two months ago. The good thing is that I am blessed with two healthy girls. Now as far as exercise, I'm sure there isn't a doctor out there that will tell you to exercise the first week of your c-section! It's usually months before you should get back into a rigorous exercise routine. Just take it one day at a time and don't try to do too much too fast. You'll get back in shape, but it's better to take it slow than to do permanent damage moving too fast.


bguro21 - May 12

I just gave birth 2 months ago and I had a c-section, I was just wondering is it okay to be playing volleyball? Is it normal to have little pains coming from inside of your incision?



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