When Did You Get To See Your Baby Afte C Section

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Leilani14 - June 26

Hi! I have to have C-section because of large fibroid. I'm not so unconfortable with the idea except that they will take my baby away. I read that C-sec babys can have more trouble with breathing since they are not squezed thought and that they may need to spend some time in nursery to make sure they are breathing OK. I would like to hear from you how long was until they brought your baby back to you. Thanks


snugglybugglys - June 26

After all of my c-sections, they handed the baby to my husband, and he showed me them, to kiss and whatever. Then he gave the baby back to the ped. team in the OR room, to suck the stuff out of the nose and everything. My babies never had any trouble breathing. Then after they finished sewing me up, they wheeled me into the post pardom room...and my husband was able to go bring the baby in soon after that. And they could also stay in the room with me all day and night if I wanted. Good luck! :)


Nerdy Girl - June 26

I had two c-sections and neither of my babies had trouble breathing either. They both had high apgar scores too. They might have needed a little more suctioning than a v____ally born baby, but I really don't know. I was fully awake and alert for both of my C's, and saw my babies right away. The only time I was a away from my babies was while they were sewing me closed on the OR table. At that time, my husband was able to go to the nursery with the babies for their baths. Then he and the baby both came to see me in recovery. I have no idea exactly how long that time span was, but it was not long at all. I do not remember wondering "where's the baby???" It was like I saw and kissed my baby, got sewn up, and then was reunited with my baby (now a clean baby!) once I was wheeled out of the OR.


Rhonda - June 26

I have had two c-sections and got to see my babies right away,there daddy held them so i could see them.They had no trouble breathing,they were real good on the apgar scale.


RMC - June 27

My csection was just like a normal delivery, I got to keep the baby in the room with me the whole time. My children never had any breathing problems either.


Leilani14 - June 27

Thanks for your responses. It is realy comforting to hear from your experiences. Both that your babies didn't have any problems breathing and that you got your babies back soon. I don't know why I'm having this separation anxiety and it is good to hear that it was not a long time until you get to see your baby after you got out of OR. I especially liked that your husbands were able to go and see the babyies while in the nursery. I'll be much calmer if I know that he is with the baby. Oh, boy I do sound a little crazy, guess who will be overprotecting mom? Thanks again


Renea - June 27

Leilani-I have had 4 c-sections. I did get to see all of them right after they wrapped them up, then off to the nursery with my husband they went. It did take a little longer --about 3 hours--for my last 3 before I got to see them. My 2nd one was having a hard time keeping his temps up. My 3rd one was having a blood sugar issue and did still have a lot of fluid that they had to keep sucking out. My last one was great on the apgar score, but once they got back in the nursery, he was doing some weird breathing thing, so they kept him for a little while for observation. All of them are perfectly healthy though now. Good luck with your section and for a healthy baby. I am sure all will go fine--we tend to worry too much!


BriannasMummy - June 27

I have had only one c -section prior to this. Just as soon as the baby was born, they brought her right to me, while they were sewing me up she was getting cleaned up in the same room I was in, her dad stayed with her until she was all clean. She had a perfect apgar and had no trouble breathing whatsoever. when they were done sewing me they put her on my chest and rolled me to the recovery room wherever I went she came too. She never left me!


Julia284 - June 28

I had a baby girl in 2000. I went my whole pregnancy not knowing she was breech until I started having pains down there 6 weeks early. They checked me and realized she was breech and trying to push her foot thru. I was bed rested for 2 weeks then they had to deliver her. They wanted to turn her but I said no, so they did a c-section. It went great. They handed her to my mother and then she got to be wheeled back with me to my room. Don't be scared. I am pregnant again and I am having a c-section this time too. I am not worried.


prin12 - June 28

My baby NEVER went to the nursey at all. After they delievered her they handed her to the nurse who sucked out her mouth and measured her and all that while my husband snapped a million pictures. This was all going on at my feet. If I had known better I'd request that it be at the head of the bed or at least next to it so I could watch (it got boring laying there waiting to be sewn up). Then he carried her over and I got to see her up close. They offered for me to hold her, but I was still kinda numb, didn't want to drop her. My husband walked next to me with the baby back to our room. She never left me after that except for a couple test on the last day and DH went with her. I got to go home after 2 nights. It's not so bad.


aussiegal - June 29

i got to hold my daughter straight after she was born basically....well after they cleaned her up, weighed her etc etc....i was still on the operating table getting sewn up!!!!!! i think they took her off me coz i was falling asleep...it was 1.37 in the morning!! the nurses took her out to show the family and then brought in my husband to see her and they we both waiting for me in the recovery room! back on the ward she went into the nursery so i could get some sleep and i got her back 1st thing in the morning-bright and early!!!!!!!! she hasnt left my side since and shes now almost 11 months old!


JenR - July 3

It took my baby a minute (it seemed like 1o to me!!!) to breath. They say he was holding his breath...never actually needed the oxygen mask, but it was scary until I heard him cry. He was fine!!! I held him right away in the operating room. I didn't see him again for 4 hours due to his size (8 lb 15 oz - I think they were monitoring his sugar) and a nurse shift change. My husband was with him the whole time and I rested a little. Don't worry to much about it. I worried so much before the c-section about when I would see him.....you will have years of spending time with him. The brief time you don't see him at the hospital will be forgotten pretty quickly! Good Luck to you :)


Braydens Mom - July 5

I didn't get to see my son for about 7.5 hours (He was born at 10:08pm and I saw him at 5:30am). But mine was an emergency c-section after 17 hours of labor.


sahmof3 - July 5

I've had all three of mine C. After #1 I saw him, my dh held him up to me right after he was cleaned, but then he was taken to the nursery for 7 hours- he had blood sugar issues, as JenR's above did- being a large baby 9 lbs. 5 oz. Later he did have trouble "choking" on phlegm and stuff as it wasn't compressed out of him through natural childbirth. ( neither of my other two had this, though, even though they were born C. and my oldest is STILL a gagger, so maybe it was just him-lol). #2 was a whole different story because as they were about to lift her out, she looked up, took a breath and turned breech and had to be pulled out by her feet. She got a lot of "junk" in her lungs. They worked on suctioning her for awhile and when she was more stable I got to see her for a minute before she was taken to NICU for monitoring. After I was in recovery awhile they wheeled my whole bed down there to see her, and after that I could see her whenever I could get someone to wheel me there (NICU's a million miles away from recovery rooms at our hospital). With #3 I had to be put to sleep b/c of low platelets, then I was loopy and slow and out of it for several hours, so I couldn't see him for awhile. Also, he had to be kept in the nursery for blood sugar problems- also big baby related- 10 lbs., 6 oz. I finally got to see him 8 hours after surgery!


chiechie25 - July 27

I had an emergency c-section and the baby had no trouble breathing. He came out crying. I got to see him within a few minutes of delivery with my husband holding him. I didn't get to hold him until about 2 hours later. My epidural had numbed me from the neck down and they wouldn't let me see the baby until I could raise both arms over my head. But no one except my husband was allowed to hold him until I got to hold him.


Nerdy Girl - July 29

Bumping this thread up for alverran.....



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