When Do Doctors Schedule C Section

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socalmom - April 16

I know I'm going to have another c-section, but my Dr. has not yet set a date. I'm 18 weeks so I know I have some time, but when do they start talking about setting the date? And how close to the due date do they schedule it?


DownbutnotOUT - April 16

usually they do it about 2 weeks to a month but this csection my high risk OBGYN set a date like 2 months in advance, I was soooo shocked! every dr is different so ask your dr :)


socalmom - April 17

Thanks Down, I'm also seeing a high risk Dr. I think I'm just going to have to ask her at my next appt. So with this pg you are scheduled for the section 2 months before your due date? WOW! that seems a bit early!


sahmof3 - April 17

My younger two were scheduled c-sections. They were scheduled 6 weeks ahead. I think it may vary from hospital to hospital... ours has the only Level 3 or 4 (can't remember which) NICU in the area and so there are more high risk pregnancies being delivered there and that naturally leads to a higher scheduled c-section rate, so they schedule pretty far in advance.


clairem - April 18

hi, my 1st csection was on due date, 2nd csection 2 wks early and my 3rd was 6 days early. im pregnant with fifth baby and been told i may have to have him/her 4 wks early due to uterus being thin.


socalmom - April 18

Oh thanks so much, I think I should ask my dr. then, I am high risk so she might be thinking sooner than I am! I was wondering because my mom is coming from AZ and my sister is coming from NY to help me out, they keep asking so they can make plans! Hopefully the dr has some idea of what she wants to do!?


sahmof3 - April 19

Oops.... I think I misunderstood the question!! LOL. My babies weren't born 6 weeks early... I scheduled my c-sections with the surgery desk 6 weeks before my due dates. But, I had my actual c-sections when I was 38 weeks, 4 days (dd) and 39 weeks, 4 days (ds).


JulieK - April 19

With my first, my doctor set my c-section for 2 days after discussing it with me. I had the weekend to come to terms with it, and that was 3 weeks before my due date. Had the c-section because my son was very big.


aaaaaaaaaa - April 19

My doc scheduled mine about 3 weeks ahead of time... which will be 9 days before my due date


snugglybugglys - April 20

My c-sections have been about 2 weeks before my due date. They are usually scheduled, for me anyway, about a month before.



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