When Will Pain Go AWAY

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SHelly - February 17

I had a c-section about a month ago, i was just wondering when everyone has healed from there pain. It still hurts when i cough or sneeze, i do put my hand to hold my stomach when coughing. When i sit my son on my lap when in bed the pressure still hurts. I can walk and all, its just the pressure. When is it too long, i just want to make sure the timing is normal.


KFish - February 17

I had a dull ache that lasted over a year.


a - February 18

a YEAR!! oh no


JL - February 19

With my first c-section, it seems I felt better after about a month. Now with my 2nd c-section, it has been almost 13 weeks and I am still uncomfortable.


Caliope - February 20

You may never get completely back to normal. That is why I NEVER recommend an unnecessary c-section and always recommend a VBAC if the mom has no increased risks against it.


Michelle - February 21

I just had a c/s 7 weeks ago and mine is very tender. Its my second c/s, so I am hoping it will go away.


Kelly K - February 21

Everyone is different. After 2 weeks I was back to normal. It's now been 3 months and I barely even notice that I have a scar anymore.


Pebbles - February 22

I had one of each and the pain from the c-section took a lot longer to go away than with my v____al. I think I was pretty uncomfortable for 6 weeks or more, with the v____al I was uncomfortable for about a week. I so understand what you are saying.


kj - February 22

Three weeks after I had my C-section the fair came to town, and I absolutely love the fair (silly I know). I was determined to go and walk around, at least, so I did. I was in a lot of pain, and I couldn't walk around for long without it hurting, so I took a lot of breaks, but I thought I was gonna be hurting FOR SURE later on, like the next day, and I knew I would really regret doing all that walking. But I swear, afterwards, I felt better than ever and my pain just about completely disappeared. So, if you can, I'd recommend getting active and doing what you can (don't like over-do it or anything), but that's what made me feel better. :-)


SHelly - February 26

omg i thought i was healing from my pain as its been about 6 weeks, and all of a sudden i cant even walk today. All this pain just keeps coming and going. I guess this is a life changing operation.



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