Why Do People Think A C Section Is So Much Easier

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ELS - February 27

I am a bit confused as to why the general impression is that a cesarean section is so much easier than a va___al birth? I am not being critical to either method, because I had an emergent vertical c section but the recovery is not pleasant. Quite frankly a cesarean is a major abdominal procedure. Granted, the birth itself is not uncomfortable (at least in my case) but the recovery with the staples, pain, etc. is just plain terrible. My son was taken to the NICU afterwards but he subsequently passed a month later due to infection from being so premature. Not to mention the fact that you can't have any other pain meds for a substantial amount of time after the epidural is administered. I just wonder if all these television shows that feature a cesarean section delivery are showing a different type of experience than the va___al and that is why people feel this way. I am not saying one is better than the other or worse than the other. I do want to say my incision healed wonderfully and I havent had any subsequent problems at all but there was a lot of pain in the recovery process. I will have cesarean deliveries in the future as my cesarean was a classic or vertical delivery. Once again I am not being critical, I just am curious about this point of view. I hope all of you have a wonderful day.


Jenn - February 27

ya know I wonder this too. I felt as though I was gutted like a pig or something with my last and it was no walk in the park and when I tell people that I have to have a repeat they question it and give the impressions as though it is easy. I have a friend who had cake labors due to epiderals, no ripping, or nothing and when she found out I had to have another c she acted as though she was some sort of marytre or something. I am nervous as hell about having another section and was holding out hope that I could potentionally VBAC-and I get a response like that-like its the easy way. I just know that I am going to puke on the table again-when I think about the day that I will go in and how it will be it makes me want to puke cause I get anxious. I also feel as though no reason is ever good enough and that there are some women who feel that I should vbac no matter what-ya know? I feel as though I have to explain myself-I am getting sooo sick of it!


djh - February 27

I know EXACTLY what you mean! It is presented like the woman had a filling at the dentist on the baby shows! They never show what many mothers go through and what their babies go through after c-sections. I hated my recoveries and would never choose a c-section if I could avoid it. I had a gruesome labor that went on for a day and a half (my fault...I wouldn't consent to surgery) but I thought that was more tolerable than the c-section. Jenn, some c's ARE necessary and we just have to grin and bear it. To ELS, I am so sorry for your loss, there are no words that will comfort you, I know. May you have hope and look forward to the future and that you have healed some from his pa__sing.


Yancy - March 1

Because they are either very uneducated about surgery or they have listened to embellished versions of just how "awful" v____al birth is. The problem seems to be that the ones who think they want a c-section won't listen to the women ( a great many, I might add) who had very painful c's and a host of serious problems afterwards. They only listen to a select few who glossed up their experiences like they were nothing. C-sections should be for women with real problems, like small pelvises, medical conditions or past really bad tears. Not for someone ignorant enough to think they are avoiding pain. Why do I talk this way? Because I was one of those ignorant women who thought they were going to get out of any pain and boy was I WRONG. I also got incontinance and adhesions from ONE c-section, bad enough they don't want to even do one more.


Mellyj - March 2

I had an emergency c/s with my first daughter and a succesful vbac with my second. I too dont understand why people think a section is a walk in the park. So not true. Yeah v____al is no walk either, your body, either way, is going through drastic changes, but we were designed to give birth from down south instead of the equator, for lack of a "cleaner" metaphor. I think that c/s are glammed up on tv too much and women aren't really aware of the risks. In all honesty, I will NEVER understand or agree with elective sections though. I'm sorry hate me, argue with me thats fine. We are all allowed to have our opinions. But to have a section just for a certain birthday or to accomodate a schedule is horrible and should not even be allowed. Thats as bad as a frivilous lawsuit, unnecessary but costs everyone money in the end. I mean to accomodate a schedule, makes you wonder if a person realizes what the next 18 years will be like....


Kelsey - March 5

Because some women are either liars, lucky, or idiots. I don't mean any offense by that, other than the lucky ones, I was totally prepared for a nice, "easy", nearly painless c-section. Well there is no way in Hell I am ever doing that again. Vaginal birth is certainly not easy, but if one could be the luckiest woman alive, she would be the one who had the uncomplicated v____al delivery. Even under the best circ_mstance, an uncomplicated c-section is still surgery!


Anne Marie - March 6

I don't know either. Some women seem to have few complications and of course that is good. But the baby shows never show the moms right after birth like the v____al moms and they have NEVER shown a woman who hemorrhaged and was transfused or vomited on the table. They also never seem to show the moms crying out in pain after their c's or developing fevers and infections and how sick they can be. I wonder how many people would get the idea they were "easier" if they had filmed my c-section! Blood everywhere, my anesthesiologist screaming that my BP was dangerously low, me puking and not able to breathe, my baby full of mucous and then the 105 degree fever the next day. Oh, and the lovely bags of blood for my transfusions were pretty too. Some c's go smoothly and from what I have seen, many do not. I am grateful for my baby, but I certainly didn't have my baby the "easy" way.


Melanie - March 6

All birth is rough as far as I am concerned and all women, no matter how they deliver are unbelievably strong. I do not feel like an uncomplicated v____al is more difficult than an uncomplicated c-section. I had a long, rough v____al delivery and then I had a scheduled c-section for a breech baby. The c-section was still much more difficult to recover from than the rough labor and delivery with my first baby. I know there are times when a c-section IS perhaps easier and that there are very good reasons for them, but I tell you I am sick of hearing my second baby was the easy way. That simply is not true.


helena - March 6

i just have a question if any one can answer it I had a c-section with my first child . And i actually thought it was just me but I read about others doing having the same problem, thats throwing up everywhere during your c- section when your on the operating table. What causes this? And is it really that common? I m about to go in for my second c-section in a few weeks,due to me being a diabetic.


Sure - March 7

Hi Helena, the most common reason for the vomiting on the table is the spinal anesthetic "travels" too high up the spinal cord. The nerves that control blood pressure regulation can get the wrong signal, no signal, or an incorrect signal and the patient's blood pressure can drop quickly. When blood pressure drops the body tries to compensate and rids itself of anything it doesn't need, like fluids or food that have to be digested, etc. Also, when the BP drops so does body temp and other functions, all of which can trigger vomiting. When surgery is done the conscious mind understands what is going on, but the survival brain perceives the cutting and tissue damage as an insult or trauma and it goes into essentially fight or flight mode.


Why? - March 8

Who knows, I think most of the women who say that either never labored, or had an unusually complicated v____al or just won't admit their patient choice c-section hurt a lot worse than they thought and they try to save face. In example, my sister in law forced her doctor to perform an unecessary c-section and even though it was totally evident by her lack of movement, very slow recovery and reliance on pain meds, she refused to say she was in any pain. Funny thing is, she stayed on Percocets for 3 weeks and with her first kid she was painting his nursery on day 5. When a blunt relative pointed this out she finally broke down and said she was in a "bit more pain than she thought she would be in" Mean as this sounds, I just giggled because up until then she had told me I had my baby the "easy" way, even after 30 hours of labor and 2 of trying to push before the c-section. Pay backs are rough and she got hers.


Kory - March 12

I dont' know why, I had a patient choice cesarean and I now regret it. It has been one week, 1 day and I have felt pain every single second of that one week, one day. With my first baby I had a pretty bad tear and thought the C would be easier. Nope, childbirth just plain sucks for me either way but I think I will do v____al next time as it was a lot easier to sit on ice/heat before walking than to try and get any sleep or walk at all with a throbbing stomach.



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