Why Don T We Get A Epidural For A Scheduled C Section

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Misty - July 17

I am having a scheduled c-section because I had an emergency c-section with my first child and so am having another this time. I just read that for a scheduled c-section they will not give you an epidural, only a spinal block. I thought epidurals were better, less likely for anything to go wrong with and less after-effects. Why won't they give you an epidural?


Sarah - July 25

They give spinals because they do not have to insert meds. in it but once. With epidurals they have to keep inserting meds. in them. I have had 10 all together & the epidurals & spinals feel the same going in. Spinals are safer & better for you (so I was told). But to tell you the truth the spinal worked much better than any of the epidurals.


DP - July 26

that is a really good question! I am having my next baby a scheduled c too because of complications on my last. I did not know that you got a spinal instead of a epidural. That will be my next question to my doctor, Sarah you've had 10? not to sound stupid or nieve, but is that really 10 kids? Wow!!! you very brave woman,


nb - July 26

I had the exact same situation Misty. Emergency with the 1st, and I just had me second (scheduled) in Feburary. I was given a spinal, and had very bad complications after (I got sick for 9 hours) If I have a third, I am going to seriously discuss the option of an epidural. Sarah is right, there really is no difference in pain sensation from either...and not everyone has the same reaction. I got sick with the epidural as well, just not for as long. Discuss your concerns with your doctor. And relax, you'll be fine and congrats.


E - July 28

Spinals are better and more controlled. Epi's tend to creep up the chest, and with morphine. can make breathing more difficult.


mari - July 28

because the epidural is used during labor and doesn't compleatly numb you from the waist down. where as the spinal block makes you 100% numb:)


E - July 28

Mari, I had an epidural and it does completely numb you from the waist down. In fact, I was numb from the chest down. It takes more epi than a spinal. Like I said, the epi creeps up and the spinal is far more localized, from below the b___sts and down. The numbness from an epi can be felt above the b___sts.


nb - July 28

Mari, E is right, I had the epidural in with the 1st, beacuse I was in full b__wn labor when we realized my daughter was just not going to come out the rest of the way. They ease up on the epidural so you have enough sensation to know when to push, but upon authorization to do a c section, they uped the meds. I also was numb from the chest down. Guess every one is different.


E - July 28

Yeah, the epidural is horrible for a c-section. The numbness above your chest is so uncomfortable, and I was in a panic due to not being able to feel myself breathing. I look forward to a spinal next time. Nobody warned me in the OR, and I thought something was wrong. I was sooo scared.


Rhonda - July 28

i will be having a schelded c-section with this pregnancy my last pregnancy the baby wouldnt fit through the birth ca___l so i had to have a c-section.i didnt feel any pain but why dose that antacid drink they give you make you so sick?


jess - July 29

hey misty....i have had 2 epi's and 1 spinal...for other surgeries...and the spinal is actually safer, less meds and i believe not injected as far in as the epi ...so less spinal cord potential problems....and it seemed to go in easier as it didn't have to go in quite as much.....they both work good, but the epi lasted longer, and there is a little thing often still on your back so they can inject more meds if needed, not just like the shot of a spinal....i didn't get sick from either.....but i know you can if there is too much pressure change in the spinal cord, or leaking- thus the spinal headaches!! my dr said they r more common with epi's......personally i would rather have a spinal...


Mady - August 17

I had a v____al 4 years ago and a scheduled c section 6 mos ago. My doctor gave me a choice of which I wanted. Since I had already had an epidural and knew how my body was going to react to it, I chose epidural. I did not feel any paain during the surgery and my left foot was numb for 2 days after, but it all went away and I feel good now. No damage. Either one is not so bad with the scheduled section because it is more controlled as opposed to being in labor when they insert it. For some reason the spinal scared me, I guess it is all a little scary, but you should be able to do whatever you are comfortable with, although if that;s all your doctor offers, there must be a reason he/she prefers that. Talk with your doc, and the hospital. When I went for my pre-op appointment at the hospital, the anastesiologist went over both options with me in great detail so that I could make an educated desision. Look into that too maybe.


Renea - August 18

I had a epi-with my 1st and 2nd c-sect. My first was because I already had an epi and wasn't able to push my daughter out, so went in to have c-sect. With my 2nd one, I know I had an epi because I could not swallow. It was so scary and wouldn't want that again. Had a spinal with my 3rd and that was much better-was only numb from about chest and down.



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