Will I Need A Cesarean How Can I Turn My Baby

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michellem - June 21

hi i am 34 wks pregnant with my 4th child and have 3 previous va___al births, at the moment my baby is in the breech position and have been told if he doesn't turn i may need a casarean which i really don't want, my mom had a natural birth with a breech baby, why do they now say you should have a cesar can i refuse, in the end though i want whatevers best for baby, any ideas on how to turn him, was told to get on my hands on knees, any idea how long for i have laminate floor and it hurts after a while!! tehe


Dawn - June 21

Hi Michellem-I am 34 weeks and 2 days and have just had yet another scan today to check the baby's position and fluid level and my baby is still breech. The doctors have said that they will try and turn the baby but there is a chance the baby will turn back. The doctor did say that a c-section is safer if your baby is breech becuase the pelvis may not be big enough for the baby's head. I have also been told to try the all fours position, I do this twice a day for about 5-10 minutes each time.


michellem - June 22

thankyou will start giving that a go, my knees shouldn't get as sore when it's that long!! best of luck to you


european_mom76 - June 25

Michelle, I faced the same problem like yours a couple of months ago. It was my 3rd baby and a really difficult decision to make. If your amniotic fluid level is not too low and the baby didn´t descend yet, you can ask details about an eventual external version. Ask a second and a third oppinion about breech deliveries and make sure you know the risks involved. In my case the version couldn´t be performed so I chose a c-section.I understood it was safest for my baby and went for it.


JH - June 26

michellem I understand wanting a v____al birth. I did. But my son was footling breech with no option for eversion due to his position. I tried to get him to turn for 10 weeks. I did the knee thing. I put pillows on the floor for my head and my b___t on the couch . We tried music and flashlights down by the cervix, but no luck! I cried in the surgery room while getting my spinal b/c it wasn't the delivery I had dreamed of. But, it really wasn't that bad. I had a baby within 20 min. of shedding those tears. Seeing him for the first time I got over having to have a c-section. I had such a quick and easy recovery that I can't imagine wanting a v____al birth now. So, what every happens good luck on a safe, healthy delivery and enjoy that little one!


michellem - June 26

thankyou all so much, like i say it's whatever is best for baby that matters,you have helped me relax a little more about a cesar if it is needed, shall just have to wait and see



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