Will It Be The Same 2nd Time Round

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Angie Culkin - September 5

My waters broke 2 days early; my contractions had to be started for me because I have group B strep. I was in labour for 13 hours having strong contractions every minute for the last 6 of these hours. When the midwife checked to see if I had dilated I was told there was only a small dent in my cervix so had to have a caesarean as Molly was getting distressed and I did not have any energy! a far cry from the water birth with no pain relief that I had planned!! Im worried that if i try for a natural birth next time I might have to go through all that again and still have to have a C-section. Any advice???


rj80 - September 6

I had planned a lovely quiet birth too but at 5 weeks prem labour began, she was breech and I had preeclampsia so it was suggested we had a c section. I don't want another. Whilst it was the right thing to do I felt very depressed about it for a long time. However, I have been told by my midwife and doctor that it doesn't mean I'll have to have it 2nd time round. I will be opting for a VBAC (v____al birth after csection) and there is no reason it shouldn't all work out how I want it. I would advise that you talk to you doctor, husband and midwife and think positively about what you'd like to happen next time. I would also consider carefully what might happen if there are problems and prepare for another c section too just in case. I found the biggest 'issue' I had afterwards was that I was so caught up in the perfect birth I knew nothing about Csections and it was all a bit of a shock! I would aim for a natural birth and stay positive but bare in mind what might happen. Good luck!


another Karen - October 10

I think it depends on the reason you had to have a c section. My daughter was extended leg breech and was delivered c section, it was planned but I went into labour. Then my son came along and I wanted to go vbac. I had the choice but I felt I missed out before, like I said she was delivered rather than born. His birth went well, I laboured like it was my first time so it took a while. It was good for me to experience.



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