Umbilicord Cord

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SARA - May 11

I am 21 weeks along and they told me 3 weeks ago that my baby has a two vessel cord. they have done several ultrasounds. 3 hours worth. they did an echo ultrasound of her heart to make sure things are coming along. her heart chambers are developing normally, but because o fher position they could not see the aorta. I have been so worried! i go back in tomorrow for her heart follow up. they have said everything else looks normal, but that she is just a little small for her age and that they will do follow up ultrasounds every 4-6 weeks until delivery to monitor growth. This is my first preghnancy and I am just yhoping things go ok.


Tamar - May 19

I was just told my Dr. that I only have two vessels umbilical cord connecting to the baby. I'm completely at a lost for words - ( did I do sometime wrong for this to happen) I've done some research and it all scare's me half to death. What are the risk ? Will I have a health baby? Can anyone help ease the pain of this news. It would be really helpful at this point in time - I'm thinking of terminating my preganancy - at 21weeks. please answer honestly - Thank you!


gg90210 - May 25

I was told today 5/25/05 that my baby only has a two chambers also. That they would do an ultrasound every month until the baby is born. I just went through 2 years of hell with my 5 year old having cancer, the doctor informs me that this has nothing to due with what is going on with my pregnancy. My daughter only has 1 kidney due to the tumor that killed her kidney she is in remission and doing fine. So I believe this baby will be ok. Think positive and just pray. Power of prayer really helps, believe me it does it help for my 5 year old. It will help for this one and all of your babies as well.


to renee - May 25

just a question...did your babys cord get clamped immediately upon birth, or before the cord stopped pulsating? this has been a known cause for holes in the heart and many other problems. you should do some research. look up cord clamping. you are ent_tled to compensation if your child was clamped immediately... good luck


Marla - June 6

I have a 14 month old baby girl (my 5th child) I had no idea she had a two vessel cord until she was born. I'm kinda glad I didn't know about it until she was born because I would have woried about it the whole pregnancy. As it was at 28 weeks I had a pretty big placenta tear and had to be on partial bedrest. I had 3 ultrasounds one 3D and nobody caught the two vessel cord thing so I really believe that the Lord was protecting me from worrying. So thankfully before her birth I didn't have a chance to look on the internet and find out all the stuff a__sociated with the cord thing. But she was perfectly healthy in every way. The best advise to give anyone worrying about the health of their child is to pray everyday for your baby. And put it in the Lord's hands. When I started bleeding with the placenta tear I went home and prayed to God that he would heal it. I had picked out a name for a girl Lillian Olyvia (at that time they couldn't tell what I was having) but while I was praying I felt the Lord say "it's a girl and her name is Evangeline Faith" I went back 2 weeks later & they said its a girl and we cant tell you ever had a placenta tear. Evangeline means "good news" by the way. Praise God!!!


Marla - June 6

I just did the last post and i have to correct something the placenta tear was at 18 weeks not 28 (typo). And I did name her Evangeline. She truly is our Little"good news baby".And I'm not going to let that experience scare me out of having more. Children truly are a blessing of the Lord. I'll say a prayer for your little ones. Blessings!!


sarah - June 11

I found out at 20 weeks that my baby has a 2 vessel cord and choroid plexis cysts on the brain. The doctor tells me that the cysts are common and should go away but I have been worrying ever since. Everything else looks fine but you never know until the baby is born. I have 14 weeks left of my pregnancy and I just hope everything is going to be okay. Good luck everybody!


Reader 430 - June 13

I just found out a few days back that one of my twin babies has a 2 vessel cord and 2 small choroid Plexus Cysts. I am about 18 weeks along and I have been very concerned. The ultrasound showed that everything else looked normal, as far as kidneys, heart... but they are still sending me to get a fetal echo of the heart.


Erin - July 12

I found out at 18 weeks that my baby girl and I share a two vessel cord. They said everything at the time looked good and they wanted to follow up and make sure she was growing on track. Another ultrasound at 24 weeks showed everything was good and she was still growing on track for her age. I just had my 3rd ultrasound (29 weeks) and this time she is smaller than what she should be. Has anyone had this happen? And what have the end results been if the baby is born small? God Bless Everyone.


trish - July 12

how do you keep you babies umbilicord healthy so you have no problems?


Theresa - July 14

I had my 18 week ultra sound last week and met with my doctor 2 days ago...I too was told my baby only has one artery and one vein. Since my baby was not cooperating during the ultrasound, they could not see his heart very well. My docotor said everything else looked fine and has scheduled me for another ultrasound on August 4. It is nice to know this is not as uncommon as I was lead to believe.


Kristen - July 20

I am 23w3d pregnant. I had a 2nd ultrasound today because at my last ultrasound at 19w4d they couldn't get a good look at the umbilical cord. So today they check again and the doc says it looks like I have a 2 vessel cord. She a__sured me it probably means nothing but they are sending me to the hospital for a level 2 ultrasound to get a better look. At my last ultrasound I remember we saw the heart and it looked good. We were able to see all 4 chambers. I am pretty sure the doc saw the kidneys as well. So I hope everything is OK. At least I pray that it is. I am supposed to hear back today to see what time my appointment at the hospital is at. I can't wait to go and get some rea__surance.


Kate - July 29

I was told on 7/27/05 that I too have SUA. I am finding that there is alot of info out there about this. I am a paramedic and having a medical backround makes it harder with no information out there. This is my 2nd baby (my first one was healthy) so I am at a loss. Anyone out there that can help me become more informed. I am 28 weeks with what they say is normal development of all organs after a level 2 ultrasound.


christine - August 1

i am at 19 weeks and just found out last week that i, too have a 2 vessel cord. it is frightening. the dr. said everything else looks fine. i have heard many good outcomes, but i can't help but worry. my next ultrasound is in 4 weeks. is there a way to tell this early if a hearing loss or problems in the brain will exist???


SMurphy - August 6

I am 22w6d and just had my level 2 ultrasound. we have tried for 2 years to get pregnant. I am 33 and knew there were risks. We know that our son has a chance of having down's syndrom, hearing loss, and/ or brain abnormalities. It doesn't matter to me. After losing a child to a misscarriage, I know that my child will be perfect for me. I pray for all of those mothers who think that because their child is different, they are not perfect. God doesn't give us what we can't handle. Bless you all.


archana - August 11

I a 28 weeks pregnant,i had level 2 ultra sound becoz of 2 cord vessel,as far now they told everythin g is normal. Do i need to go for an more u/s ?



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