Umbilicord Cord

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missy - March 31

Hi Amy--try not to read too much on the internet, it will just make you stress out. They go into stuff that my Dr. says he has never seen a__sociated with sua. I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with it and so far everything looks good. I have to go for another ultrasound next week. The most common things found with sua are kidney problems and slow growth. Are they going to do more ultrasounds with you? I am 33 weeks and was shocked when I found out--b/c at my 20 week ultrasound nothing was ever said. Good luck to you, and remember that 90% of the time (if not more) baby turns out perfectly healthy!!


Amy A - March 31

I actually got a call from my midwife today just to see how I was feeling. We were pretty use to the idea of having a small baby, my fiancee was not even 5lbs @ birth. I am going for more ultrasouds , she said one every 4 weeks more then likely. I did see two kidneys at the ultrasound, not sure if they're up to size, though. I find everything out when my blood work for maternal serum screen comes back. The big thing is the midwife told me to be prepared to go quite a bit early, shes thinking about 5 weeks early, between this and being strep b positive, and the fact that i was early, and brock was 2 weeks and his brother 4 weeks early. I'm doing better then I was when finding out. Less stressed and more informed!!


Clare - April 1

Sounds like you're getting some good advice Amy. And the regular ultrasounds will be very rea__suring.


Heidi - April 1

My daughter also had a two-vessel cord and she was born with no problems. She is, however, small for her age (11.5 lbs at 5.5 months) but I'm not sure whether that is a result of having SUA or my having placenta previa or neither.


Shaelina Karr / clev,Tn - April 4

I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and at 16 weeks i found out I was haveing a boy and that his cord had two vessals, I was told they have to watch him closely and watch his growth,. So i can relate to you all I can say is By his stripes we are healed in Jesus name. Good luck sweety and I hope that your baby is fine, but I am testifying that he is a healthy beutiful baby..


Brenda - April 19

Yolanda, I am a grandmother to be (next Tues. 4/25/06) of a baby girl who also has SUA. The umbilical cord is supposed to have 3 vessels, which consist of 2 arteries and 1 vein. Your baby's cord is missing one of the arteries. They told us that this by itself poses very little threat to the baby. It is just that other complications are possible when the SUA is present. You can hav what is called an indepth ultra-sound and you can see a pediatric cardiologist and he/ she can lookat your baby's heart to see if there are any complications there. The other indepth ultra- soun can check on other organs. Ask you OB to refer you to a specialist.


Shellava - April 23

Hi, I just found out two weeks ago that I had a SUA - was a little frightened when i went home as i had to see a specialist in 2 days time. I went on the net to research all the possible problems - urachual (renal) possibility was found as there was a problem with the bladder. Cannot find too much on this. I was scared to see trisomy disorders a possibility. However, with my scan there was no mention of any abnormalities on my baby. The heart had the 4 chambers and all other organs were fine. I am positive after reading forums with other people. I went in on friday to have an amneo done just to rule out any down syndrome. Even though i am 25 weeks I would just like to know. I have two beautiful girls and am expecting another beautiful one and am very positive. The results for the amneo take 2 weeks which is what i find is hard.


Clare - April 24

Hi Shellava, Hope your amnio results go OK - keep us posted.


shs - May 19

hi shellava, thanks for he information you posted. its really helpful. i am 30 weeks pregnant and was detected with a 2 vessel cord in my 19 week ultrasound. i did go for a fetal echo which seemed fine and the kidneys also looked ok. but in my last ultrasound at 30 wks they found that one of the ventricles in the brai is slightly enlarged. and the specialist has given us the option of going in for an amnio too. but i haven't decided yet abt. that. it would really help if you let us know how your amnio went and if you found it usrful enough.


Kiddolebel - May 20

Just wanted to let you ladies know i had my baby on may 12th and she too had sua. She was born perfect and healthy, Keep your chins up and gl.


Shellava - June 18

Sorry I haven't got back sooner. My amnio went fine and everything looks good. I am now 32 weeks so just taking it as it comes. Keep you all informed.


chocolate-e-clare - June 21

Had our 35 week scan yesterday - bubs is at 60th percentile and cord blood flow is good. Just can't wait to meet the little fella. Clare.


chocolate-e-clare - July 25

Now overdue for delivery - bubs is really active and I'm well. Will see hospital in 6 days about induction if required. Will post how our little boy is when we meet him.


chocolate-e-clare - August 6

Jason has arrived safe and sound. Will post more soon.


Kiddolebel - August 6

CONGRATS!!! Glad to hear the little one is doing real good. All that worrying for nothing. I know I was the same way. Congrats again!!!


chocolate-e-clare - August 9

We had a wonderful birth - I arrived too late for the epidural (I didn't want pethidine, and gas/air wasn't taking much of the edge off the contractions at 8cm dilated), so the midwife suggested bathtub and gas - and that's where we laboured for another 2 hours or so and gave birth. A water birth was never in my head, but it went beautifully. Our little boy came out full of life. We waited on his 3rd day of life, all day, for the paediatrician to come and check him over before we left - the paed said they no longer do renal ultrasounds on these kids if their antenatal ultrasounds were OK. Jason is thriving and is gaining weight as we speak - and I must say, he's adorable. Thinking of all you wonderful Mum's and your babies, especially the ones yet to land! Prayers for a safe pregnancy and beyond. Clare XO.



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