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Leukemia Mother - May 17

HI! I am not a rep for VIACORD but a mother of a 2 1/2 yr old little girl who was just diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - ALL in March 2005. About 4 days after her dx I found out I was newly pregnant due in early Dec. My daughter is undergoing grueling Chemo treaments and other procedures. It has been a horrible shock for my family. My OB gave me a pamphlet about VIACORD and I definately wanted to bank the new baby's cord blood just in case my 2yr old ever needed a bone marrow transplant. The cord blood cells could be used to save her life if she was a match. I called VIACORD to get the initial information and pricing. Being able to afford this would be extremely difficult due to the fact we are a one income family of 3 small children and a fourth on the way and all of the ongoing medical expenses/hospital stays, but we were determined to find a way in order to ensure another way to save our daughters life. I mentioned to VIACORD about why I wanted to bank the cord blood and they are so amazing that they have a program called "EXTRA MEASURES" which would cover all of the costs for my daughter for until we ever needed the blood. I could not believe their generosity and friendliness. This has been an extremely emotional time and it was a true blessing and gift that they would do this for us. I don't know all of the requirements to participate in the EXTRA MEASURES program, but I am truly honored and blessed that they have this for extreme need families. Thank-you Viacord from the bottom of our hearts!


Beth - May 17

Sure sounds like you work for them!


K - June 17

that is so great for you and your family. Unlike the poor taste Beth has shown, it doesn't sound to me like you work for them. I'm so happy for you!


K - June 17

just one more thing - people on this board that are like this should get kicked off - they really know how to bring people down.


To K - June 17

Thank you so much for your support and kindess!! N


darci - January 27

I have a daughter with nueroblastoma. I talked with viacord and they offered me the same program. Cord Blood Registry also has a similar program. After discussing it and receiving the info we decided to go with via cord due to logistics.


Felisha - December 8

thats awesome that you were able to find some real help during your time of need and i hope all works out for you and your new baby is in fact a match god forbid things go downhill with your daughter. Good luck with. and beth thats kinda rude you dont have to bring her down she was shring useful information to help other mothers in need.



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