24 Weeks Along Gained 20 Pounds Already Anyone Else

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ness2378 - July 10

I just got back from my doctors appointment and I have gained 20 pounds. To me this is just far too much and I am about to cry. I dont think I eat any more than I used to, but maybe I do and just dont notice. Anyone else out there like me?


anechka - July 11

I'm in the same boat... and I did cry. I'm about to be 26 wks and have gained 24lbs total, but the last 20 were only in the last 2 months! It's really depressing me and I want them to just stop telling me about it because all it does is make me upset and not enjoy my pregnancy. For once in my life, I don't want to worry about it! I know I'm eating more because before I got pregnant (or before I found out) I was on a very strict diet where basically all I had was soy milk and salad.


flower.momma - July 13

I am due for my 20 weeks appt. tomorrow. I had already gained 10 lbs at my 16 weeks appt. and I am dreading stepping on the scale tomorrow! The same thing happened last time. I ended up gaining 45 lbs., but I lost it fairly quickly. It feels like my body just conserves every stinking calorie when I'm preggers. It is so discouraging. My midwives are not a___l about it. But I feel like a bit fat failure!


dsmom - July 21

yah Im 21 weeks and gained 22 pound my doc freaked me out because she said i should watch it , because it could cause a reason to have a c section,,,,,,,im not depressed about the weight I feel great but im worried becasue I will subconciencly not eat enough cause i really dont want a c-section,,,,,


maren - July 21

honestly try not to worry about it i know easier said then done i gain 45 pounds by time i delevered my daughter she will be 2 weeks tomorrow and i only have 19 more pounds to lose!! your body knows what it needs and sometimes it just needs those extra pounds.


mandee25 - July 23

I am 23 weeks right now and I have gained 26 lbs plus so far. It makes me feel bad because I know it's too much. All I can do now is watch more closely what I eat and try not to gain too much more. It sucks!



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