30 Weeks How Much Should I Weigh

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CDN Baby - January 30

How much did you all weigh at 30 weeks?


karen - January 30

I'm not there yet, but at 28 weeks I weigh 165. I was 142 pre-pregnancy. Yikes. I think that's a little too much, but I'm exercising some and not eating too excessively, so I'm not stressing too much over it.


CDN Baby - January 30

I've gaineda bout 25 so far.


pines - February 27

hi guys, you gained 25lbs for 30 weeks. I think that's ok. I gained 27lbs with my first child. I came accross this topic that will help you. Michelle Moss was the author, check it out http://www.industryniche.com/recommends/pregnancywithoutpounds.html


Jenn - February 27

this is a concern for me as weel-but I am only 26 weeks and have put on only 5 pounds-I was wondering if that is ok. Mind you I was 199 to begin with, so I think being big in the first place makes a difference-maybe?


Laura - February 27

Jenn - I was 190 before pregnancy, and it does make a difference. I'm 34 weeks now and have gained only 6 lbs. As long as your baby is growing ok, weight gain is not important, especially if you were carrying extra pounds to start with. Many women gain only 10 lbs, and have normal healthy babies. Good luck


shepner - March 1

I am 23 weeks gained 19 pnds. I'm happyw with the weight gain this time around. With my son I gained 82 pds!!!!!!!!!!!! Lost it all fairly quickly, I did not even have as big as an appet_te as I do this time around???????? I exercised far more than I do now????Hard to explain


karen - March 3

At 30 weeks, I had gained 25 pounds. Now at 32 weeks, I have gained 31! 6 in 2 weeks, so it freaked me out a little. I haven't really changed anything though, and the dr. thinks some is water retention. Supposedly, the average "right" amount to gain during the whole pregnancy is 25-35 pounds, depending on what you weigh to begin with. And during the last trimester you should gain roughly 1 pound a week.


Em - March 13

I've put on 13 lbs and I'm 28 wks - started out 112lbs @ 5'6" - so I'm not there yet, but it seems to me that the serious weight gain phase has just started!


m - March 15

i have gained 12 lbs at 22 wks, i was 100 before


Penny - March 15

I'm at 18 weeks, and I've gained 9 pounds so far. Its really strange, I've always been small to begin with, but I'm trying to eat well and not think about weight or dieting right now - the worst part is I have Placenta Previa and can't work out. Anyone have that problem?


Corrine321 - March 17

I weighed 109 lbs.. and I'm 126 lbs now.. I'm 26 weeks!


Jenn2 - March 21

I am 29 weeks and have gained 23lbs. Everything is on track so far!


emilyC - March 28

i am 30 weeks pregnant and have gained almost 60lbs..I was under weight at the beginning of my pregancy, but now I just can't stop gaining...I eat better and walk now, but can't seem to stay fit.


Amber - March 28

I weighed 134 when I got pregnant, I am now 40 weeks (due next week) and I weight 174.. so 40 lbs.......i would not want to gain anymore as I am starting to see the weight on my thighs, legs and b___t. The last month I have been very hungry and craving a ton of carbs--Love cereal. Just be aware that the last month of pregnancy is when your baby gains alot of weight and you will probably be hungrier than normal!


christineg - March 30

I'm 30 weeks and I've gained 28lbs. 7lbs in the last three weeks!! I'm really starting to retain water too though, so I think that is part of it..


krc - March 31

were all different ladies. You can be a health nut and still gain alot of weight. Yes your diets will affect your weight gain though. I think it's also in your DNA. Look at your moms. Is your body type like that of your mothers or your fathers. Generally you will take after one side or the other. Like my mom is a duplicate of er mm while my moms sister took after their father and his mom was chubbier. My mom only gained 11 lbs her entire pregnancy while her sister was like a baloon and to this day is still has quite a few extra pounds. I am 23 weeks, I dont exercise at all and eat an equal balance of junk vs. healthy foods. I've gained 5 lbs so far. Ladies I woudn't worry about it because you'll lose that weight soo fast after the baby is born.especially if you b___st feed. But you'll only lose weight you gained from the baby..not any " over eating " weight.



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