Just Under 9 Weeks Pregnant 5 S Gained

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nem - January 1

h__lo i am just about 9 weeks and when i went to doctor 7 weeks ago i weighed 148# and my home scale is off from that b/c it said 145# at the time nowjust under 9 weeks my home scale said 150#, that's 5#'s from 2 weeks ago!!!! i am concernd i don't want to gain too much, but it was just christmas, could that be why? how should i slow this down?


r - January 4

it could be because of the holidays. Also some woman gain earlier in the pregnancy and some gain later. As long as you don't binge on a bag of chips and ort cookies too often and try and get about 1/2 hour of excersise daily you should be in good shape and healthy form.


naveed - January 5

can i eat fish during pregnancy


r - January 10

Yes, you can eat fish during pregnancy just not every day! You can safly have 2-4 servings of fish/week. The reason you should not have it every day is that some fish contian higher levels of mercury so if you limit to 2-4 serving/week there will be no harm done at all. Fish is very good for you.


collette - January 25

Dont worry about it too am 9 weeks pregnant. I weight 8st 5 when i found out i now weigh 8st 11!!! Eating healthily lots of fruit etc! I was experiancing bad pains in my stomach 2 weeks ago and they saidi was severley constipated! (nice i know) he gave me some lactulose solution and now i am back down to 8st 7. Are youhaving any syptoms?


Erika - February 10

I do not think you could have gained that much, but because of the holidays it could. I am also just about 9 weeks and I stay off fatty things, eat about 4 times a day in small portions....on weekends I eat more to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I am really careful on weekdays...that is my way to do things.


Jen - February 15

I'm only 9 weeks also and I feel like I'm gaining too quickly. I've already gained 4 lbs and I can only wear my "fat" jeans and even they are getting REALLY tight. Eek! How am I going to keep this a secret for 3 more weeks?


Tanya - February 17

Dont stress about how much you gain, try to control what you eat, and how often and leave the rest to mother nature. I think the biggest rule is "listen to your body", there might be a reason that your food intake increases etc. Just try to stay off chocolates etc


Katherine - February 27

I am nine weeks and I weighed 130 to 135 before I was pregnant. I watch what I eat and exercise and now weigh 142!!!!!!!!!!!


naomi - March 2

Dont panic yet, but make an effort not to put on too much weight buy eating the wrong foods. Avoid fat and sugar. Eat lots of veg, fruit and wholegrains. Remember that any fat and sugar you eat will proberbly turn into fat because when pregnant your body stores alot more than it would if you are not pregnant. Don't forget to have a slow 20-40 min walk everyday. Check with your doctor if you have not been walking already, to make sure it is safe for you. Good luck with your pregnancy


c - March 10

Good luck I did the same thing 4 years ago and I started at 145lbs and ended with 226 lbls and lost all but15lbs


KIM - March 21

I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second and I already look about 3.5 months pregnant. I've gained 8 pounds but I'm not to worried because when you are pregnant with your second or third etc, you gain sooner.


Allie - March 25

Im 18 weeks pregnant and I have only gained 2 pounds....Is that normal?


jenjen - March 27

my doc said to expect to gain a 1/2 pound a week.


Sarah - April 4

Last time I weighed myself was 2 weeks ago (at 10 weeks), and it showed I had gained 10 pounds already!! I weighed 110-115 before pregnancy, at week 10 I was 125!! I haven't been eating BARELY any junk food, but alot of food in general (fruit, veggies, dairy). I waitress also so it's not like I'm just sitting around all day eating. I would like to workout, but I don't know what workouts are 'safe' to do while you're pregnant.


jacqui - April 7

This is my second pregnancy I am 9 weeks as well and have been very nauseated ( and showing earlier as well), I feel better when I have something in my stomach and have gain a good 10 #'s.just from nibbling (NOT junk food either) I am very busy mom with 4 kids, 3 are step daughters and out with them walking or running around after them. My first preg. was simular....I only gain 10 pounds in my last trimester and my Dr.says everyone gains differently, plus when I left the hosp. with my 8lb son. I was only 12 #'s off my pre preg. weight. so cheer up and enjoy your pregnancy...your Dr. will warn you if you're gaining to much!!!!


Laura - May 2

I gained 5 pounds in one week, and Im late on my period..could I be pregnant?!?!



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