Overweight Pregnancy Weight Gain

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letgo0527 - April 7

I am 27 weeks as of today, I never gained a lb until my doc visit on 2/27. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was 244lbs, I know, very overweight, I lost 8lbs before I started to gain weight due to morning sickness and lack of appit_te. At my 2/27 visit I found out I gained 3 lbs, then at my last visit on 3/27 I had gained another 3lbs. Ive gained a total of -2lbs, but everytime I get home from the doctors I cry and cry because I am so concerned about my weight. Nobody wants to be the fat pregnant lady. Is it normal to gain 3lbs a month?? Is that too much?? Too little?? Somebody please give some advise. What is normal weight gain for an overweight woman at this point??


Ciera.Danielle - April 7

I am not overweight, and wasnt before I got pregnant either, but I have gained 42 lbs and I'm 37 weeks. I gained between 4-5 lbs every month... but I think I've gained waayy too much during this pregnancy. Dont be concerned unless your doctor has said something. I've known many women who have lost soo much weight in the beginning that they werent even back to their normal weight by the time delivery came along, and they were fine!!!


Ciera.Danielle - April 7

Good luck with everything though!! I'm sure you'll be fine!!


Guest - April 10

I don't get it, you should be concerned about your health and your baby instead of "being the fat pregnant lady". If you are concerned about your weight for health reasons and not aethetics, then go for a walk everyday and eat more veggies to stay healthy, and don't be so concerned about the number on the scale, and enjoy being pregnant because there are lots of people out there who aren't so lucky....


eeeck - April 12

Guest, you must be retarded, or SKINNY. How can you say not to be concerned about being the fat pregnant lady? Yes, we are concerned about our babies, but we are also concerned about how we feel about ourselves. Is that abnormal? It's more than just 'go for a walk, eat healthy', it's about body image and feeling good in your own skin. She's not the only one that feels this way. Most women that gain a bit of weight during pregnancy feel this way, again, unless you are skinny and haven't had a problem with weight.


Guest - April 12

Quite the opposite eeeck, weight is something I have struggled with my whole life. I was just very disappointed to come across that terminology. I think that weight does not necessarily predetermine self confidence and body image, and saying the being the fat pregnant lady is perpetuating the stereotype that being fat HAS to be bad. You can be "fat" and healthy AND confident.


MystinaAlise - April 14

"fat" and healthy NO... "fat" and confident YES... "fat" and beautiful YES... you should be concerned about your weight because of the effects it will have on your baby... i started this pregnancy at 250 and im now at 225 (i dropped from 250 to 232 because i was homeless and i also did not know i was pregnant... from 232 to 225 because i was eating healthy and walking) my doctor specifically told me not to gain any weight... i was told that being over weight can cause complications normal weight gain for a "normal" sized person is a pound a week from the second trimester on... totaling somewhere between 25-35 pounds but i think if you are over weight you are supposed to gain only like 15-20... that said how much you weigh isnt anywhere near as important as how well you are taking care of yourself... eat well, rest well, and exercise when you can... even if it is just a walk around the block... my motivation for trying to be healthy is the fact that i want to be able to get out and run around with my baby... find something that makes it worth sticking to it and congrats!!! : )


sandra-c - April 30

hi, I too am overweight and 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have lost some weight due to sickness and loss of apet_te. Doc says that women who are overweight when they get pregnant will not gain as much weight as someone who is at an ideal weight. For overweight women should only gain around 20 -25 pounds where a normal weight woman would gain more like 40. HOpe this helps



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