Afraid Of Extreme Weight Gain

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Alyssa - June 13

I'm eight weeks pregnant and am overweight. At this time I weigh 332 and I'm terrified that I will gain 25-30 pounds more. I talked to my doctor and she says that all I need to do is eat right, fruits and vegs and drink a lot of water, and of course excercise and I should be ok. However, I haven't had the strength to walk or do anything for the past two weeks. I'm so scared that I will gain so much weight that it will harm the baby or me. I had toxemia with my first child and I do not want to go through that again. Does anyone out there have any advice for me at all? Thank You :)


Melissa - June 13

Now is not the time for you to be worrying about your weight. I would eat healthy and definately try to get some exercise, but NO DIETING!!!! Try to eat foods that are full of good stuff. For example, there are a lot of different ways to get the same amount of vitamins from food, try to pick ones that are lots of vitamins with fewer calories. Breakfast cereal is good like that, lots of vitamins and minerals, not too many caloreis. You need to put your mind to it once you have the baby and then lose weight if you want to. Also, see what your doctor says, but sometimes overwieght people do not gain 25-30lbs, some do not gain anything. Good Luck. I would definately try to get some exercise in though, even a 15 minute swim is better than nothing. It must be frustrating wanting to exercise, but being too tired, plus its been so hot. Try not to worry yourself too much.


Charlotte - June 15

Hi Alyssa, I gained too much weight during my first pregnancy that it has taken me 5 years to it off. Then when I was looking great I got pregant again, so as you can understand I do not want to go the same way again. I am 19 weeks and have been following a healthy eatting plan from a book called what to eat when you are expecting as well as dc phills eatting list. I am walking 40mins a day most days if I dont feel so good I walk 10mins in the morning and 10 after lunch. So far I am doing well, I do crave sweet foods and have sweets a few times a week only a few at a time. I do agree that it is not a great time to diet, but I understand how bad it feels to see the fat build up. Just remember that any effort you make will pay off in the long run after the baby is born. There will be less to lose. And the more walking the fitter you will be for the birth and the faster your bady wil recover. Good luck


J - June 15

I had toxemia with my first also . I look back and realize I had very poor eating habits. Just try to stay away from fried food candy and heavy fats. How far along are you? I didn't have any energy in my first 13 weeks at all but it is slowly coming back. Good luck!



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